That New Yarn Smell…

Not that I smelled my yarn when it came in the mail. I’m not that weird.

Last week I ordered 7 skeins of mercerized cotton all in different colors for my new Etsy items off WEBS Online Yarn Store. It arrived at my dorm yesterday but I couldn’t pick it up until 7:30 tonight, and boy was I excited to pick up that package!

I literally skipped down that hall before going into my room to open it. I had never ordered yarn online before now so I was nervous about it not being how I expected. I have also never worked with anything mercerized either. But the colors were as beautiful as I imagined.

This is Tahki Classic Cotton Lite. It’s a DK weight cotton yarn. I am so glad I decided on this brand and these colors. I was throwing around different options based on price and colors and even though this was not the cheapest, I really liked the color selection they had.

I cannot wait to start knitting with this yarn and showing everyone what I’ve been up to. Too bad finals are coming up.


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