Test Run: Detachable Peter Pan Collar

I’m super excited to share with you…

My detachable peter pan collar necklace!

This is one of 3 pieces that will be part of my summer Etsy collection. Keep on the lookout because they, along with 2 more items, will soon be sold here in 7 different colors!

Detachable collars are a perfect accessory for quirky fashionistas. You can’t see in the picture but the back of the necklace is made of a chain and lobster clasp that can be adjusted to fit different neck sizes or collar heights.

Something I always wanted to do was have a personal style blog, however, it’s a little difficult when you’re a lone blogger without a tripod in a college dorm room. I’ll have to recruit a friend to help me take pictures. But here’s what I wore today!

Dress: Vintage find from Goodwill
Cardigan: H&M
Collar: Obviously, I made it, hehe!

Please ignore my fly-aways and derpy face. There was 96% humidity today and I was not feeling my greatest.


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