Camera Lens Bag and Floor Knitter of the Year

My RA came into my room a couple weeks ago and saw all my yarn lying on my desk. Of course the first thing people ask me when they find out I knit is ask me to make them things. Usually I comply because I love making other people things. He asked me to make him a shoulder bag for his camera lens and this is what I came up with. (This is my desk on a relatively neat day.)

I bought this Lion Brand wool blend at Goodwill for $1 (have I mentioned I love going to Goodwill?) I didn’t really have any plans for it but my RA really liked it, so I whipped up this bag. I was really proud that it had absolutely no seaming. I hate seaming with a passion. Knitting this was a great de-stressor. I’m done 2/3 finals and my next and last one isn’t until next Wednesday so I’m not going to touch the books until at least Monday.

On a related note, we had floor superlatives. I was nominated Knitter of the Year and Floor Flutist. I love being known for knitting and playing the flute! I’m glad that my passion for knitting and music translates well to other people.


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