The Magic of Blocking!

When it comes to knitting, I have to admit that I’m pretty lazy. I don’t like patterns that take forever, I usually don’t take gauge (when the pattern says it’s necessary, I knit a few rows and guestimate), and blocking is not one of my favorite activities. However, blocking makes such a huge difference!

Here’s a little preview into my new Etsy collection (that I’m hoping to get listed by the end of next week) and how blocking worked it’s magic:

Image    Image    Image    Image

You can definitely see how blocking makes the project complete. And yeah, that is a Princess Jasmine and Rajah sheet. Our ironing board broke a long time ago and we never got a new one. My mom decided to use one of my old sheets.

Thankfully, these bows are made of cotton and I could just iron them. I really hate steam blocking and wet blocking because it’s not instant.

And as a treat for all you readers, I’m gonna include some outtakes from my photoshoot of the bows as a sneak peek of my new collection. Enjoy!





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