My Skin Care Adventures

I have been struggling with acne since I was 12 and here I am 8 years later still dealing with it. Over time, my problem area has traveled from my nose, my forehead, my temples, between the brows, my cheeks, and most recently my chin area.

You know, it sucks that whenever I see any of my relatives at a family gathering that the one thing they must comment on is the condition of my skin. Is that typical Asian-ness or what? And every time, I seriously just want to tell them off. It’s not your skin and I do the best that I can. Sorry I’m not as shallow as you all that taking care of my acne is not my most important priority at the moment. I have other things to worry about. And I’m sorry my skin is just so hideous that you can’t look at my face without commenting on it. Sorry that I’m too lazy to wear makeup to cover it up, too. I’m just comfortable the way I am.

They are always recommending things for me. My one aunt consistently tries to tell me to see a dermatologist or offer to give me what hers uses. Sorry, been there, done that, didn’t work. I was never one for seeking professional treatment anyways. There’s no use in paying someone to tell you to buy something that won’t work anyways. And I don’t like the fact that I’m introducing foreign substances in my body. I don’t even take Advil unless I can’t stand my headaches. That goes for drinking alcohol and taking recreational drugs. Never doing either. That’s just a personal quirk of mine, but I digress…

Back on subject – I have tried so many treatments from prescription, over-the-counter, seeing a dermatologist, taking anti-biotics, and somewhat pricey skincare lines but I never got any results that worked the way I wanted them to. Very recently I have gotten into DIY, natural treatments, and lifestyle changes and I think I have finally found the solution to my problem. Of course, my parents still feel the need to comment on my skin; however, they are saying its getting better now. I can’t wait until I can rub it in my aunt’s face that I can clear up my skin without seeing a doctor.

So here’s my routine so far (I think I’ve been following it for about 2 weeks now and I’ve been seeing results):

  • After I wake up I wash my face with Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub. I’ve actually been using this on and off over the past year but I use it everyday now.
  • Then I apply Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Spot Treatment and Moisturizing Lotion.
  • Every morning I drink this “green juice” my mom makes. She’s been a health freak lately and she bought a juicer to makevegetable drinks. It doesn’t taste so bad but she says it’s supposed to be good for your skins on the account of the vitamins and minerals in it.
  • I exercise everyday. I either go to the gym or a Zumba class. I’m a bit appalled at myselffor actually wanting to exert energy. I’ve always been a
    brains over brawn person.
  • After my physical activity I go home and wash my face with the same Neutrogena scrub. Then I follow up with a baking so
    da and lemon juice mask (1 tablespoon of each) which I let sit 
    on my face for about 15 minutes or until I start shedding flakes of baking soda all over the house. I wash that off in the shower and apply my Burt’s Bees products when I get out.

There are two problems with my routine. Firstly, I started doing everything at the same time, so I don’t know what exactly is having the most effect on clearing up my skin, although I do believe they all contribute. Secondly, it’s going to be hard to keep up when I go back to school in the fall. I will most definitely try to make an effort to exercise everyday, even though I will have little free time because I’m in the marching band and also planning on joining more extracurriculars. And I will just have to bring a stash of baking soda and lemons with me to my dorm room. I won’t be able to drink any green juice but I won’t mind that much. But on top of that, going back to school will just be a lot more stressful than chilling out at home for the summer which will inevitably lead to break outs. I guess I’m just going to have to try to wean myself off some of these treatments to see what is worth keeping up.

I really wish I had before and after pictures but I didn’t think to take any! Hopefully in a few more weeks my skin will be all clear.


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