Sometimes, you just gotta improvise!

I had been craving sushi for a few weeks now and when I realized there was still an abundance of sushi rice and nori wrappers at my house, I decided I was going to make some myself. But the problem was the only thing I had ever made were California rolls and we were fresh out of imitation crab and cucumbers. So I set my self on a journey to find a sushi recipe that I had all the ingredients for. Turns out, that couldn’t be done either. Thankfully, I have exceptional improv cooking skills.

If you are a sushi lover and would like to try your hand at making your own sushi rolls, I definitely recommend This site has all kinds of sushi recipes, even fruit sushi, which I had never heard of prior to visiting the site!

When I planned on making sushi I was under the assumption that I had most of the ingredients need to make some spicy tuna rolls. But it turned out that the bottle of wasabi in my refrigerator had dried up and there were no more carrots because my mom’s been having an obsession with making carrot juice.

I took this picture before I found out about the wasabi. I was going to replace the carrots and cucumbers with radishes. As it turned out, the lack of wasabi wasn’t all that horrible because the radishes have a similar kick to them. I also mixed a little ginger miso dressing into the tuna mixture to make it more “Japanese.”

My plating isn’t the best but these sure tasted good. I made a few variations according to the tastes of my siblings, some vegetarian, and added roasted almonds to a couple rolls for myself.

When I had no more fillings left other than tuna, I tried making an onigiri. I’m not really sure what exactly onigiri are or how to make them, but I did read a little about them. Basically, they are rice balls filled with something.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my sushi making adventures! I love all types of Asian food, and after basically all Vietnamese food, sushi is the runner up. I really want to go to Japan one day and eat some authentic sushi and not just the stuff I come up with after perusing my refrigerator and pantry.

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