Music on My Mind: July 2012 (Part 2: Super Junior)

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One of the main things I look forward to in the summer is a new Super Junior release. Since discovering Kpop in 2010, I have become completely immersed in this fandom called Kpop. Super Junior is my bias (Kpop lingo for  all-time favorite no matter what) group. I love every one of their 13 (or 15 depending how you look at it) members no matter if they are currently active in the group, serving in South Korea’s mandatory 2 year military service, or pursuing solo ventures. With Kangin’s return from his army service, I was looking forward to an awesome comeback and was not disappointed.

Sexy, Free & Single by Super Junior

Release Date: July 4th

First off, what was SM Entertainment thinking about the album art? Is that what they call effort? Any one with Microsoft Paint could do that. For those of us that are familiar with the Kpop world, we know that SME is one of the largest management companies and definitely has the resources to produce better album art.

But, this album is awesome. It has some really fun dance tracks, and some breath-taking ballads. The best of both worlds and what one is to expect from Super Junior.

Sexy, Free & Single is their promoted track. For me, the song is so-so compared to the other tracks on the album but the choreography is killer. They even perform it flawlessly when they don’t lip-synch. Shame on their management for allowing them to, but I guess they don’t want them to overuse their voices performing 3+ times a week. Check out the music video:

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Music on My Mind: July 2012 (Part 1: Kyle Patrick)

This month 2 of my favorite artists released new albums. My all-time favorite Click Five front-man Kyle Patrick released his debut self-titled solo EP and my Kpop bias group Super Junior released their 6th full length album, Sexy, Free, & Single. Such great ear-candy, I must say.

Kyle Patrick by Kyle Patrick

Release Date: July 20th

Not to be a braggart, but I helped make this album real. This six track EP was financed by fans via PledgeMusic and I pledged $100+ to support Kyle’s creative adventures. There was a lot at stake for me and if this album wasn’t going to be great, I wasted my money. But I had nothing to worry about. This is Kyle Patrick. Expect nothing but pure talent.

I have to admit when I first pressed play I was a little surprised. This is not the Kyle everyone is used to. From being the lead of The Click Five to some of his previous solo material he has never really taken this pop route. Yet there is still a distinctiveness to it due to his soulful voice. According to the album notes and thank yous, this is the real Kyle Patrick we’re hearing here. I’m glad you found your “voice,” Kyle, but I’ll always enjoy listening to your more melancholy music.

However so, this is a perfect release for the summer. No one wants to listen to depressing music in a car ride to the beach.

The album opens with Follow You Heartbeat. It has a interesting reggae beat and fun little video game sounds. I’ve been hearing a lot of synthy video game noises in a lot of pop songs recently. This is just a completely fun, catchy song, a little reminiscent of Katy Perry’s California Gurls with some of the lyrical images. Interestingly, Kyle tweeted this review by Babe Walker which said he was the male version of Katy Perry. Uh, excuse me, he’s way better than Katy Perry.

Next up is lead single Go for Gold! This Olympic appropriate track has been on my workout playlist since it was released back in June. And whenever I listen to it, I have to replay it at least once. The first time was a pre-game to it’s awesomeness. And I can’t help but dance like an uncoordinated fool whenever it comes on. Part of Kyle PledgeMusic project was to create a 3D music video, so check out Go For Gold!’s MV (3D version here if you have red and blue glasses):

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Friday Etsy Finds: Mexico, Handmade

When I was in Cancun (or rather near Cancun) I saw so many gift shop selling Mexican handmade crafts. I’m such a newb blogger that I neglected to take photos of everything I saw. I just didn’t want anyone scolding me in Spanish for taking pictures in their shop! Among the things I saw, there were hand-painted ceramics like the ones I painted, all kinds of beaded bracelets and pouches, leather backpacks and bags, bags made from upcycled materials, traditional Mexican garb like peasant blouses and sombreros, and I even went into a store that was selling sweaters with the softest yarn I’ve ever touched. I wish they just sold the yarn…

So I got the most brilliant idea for this week’s Friday Etsy Find. I give you… Mexico, Handmade:

Get excited and make things!

I had been lacking on motivation to work on my Etsy shop until recently. I’m still on vacation mode. Before I left for Mexico I had knitted a few items and never got around to finish up, take photos of, and list. Well, I discovered this when I came back. After I came home from my internship on Wednesday I was so pumped to crank out all the work and get some material to promote my shop and increase views. I was in the middle of attached my chains to some of my bow bracelets when I realized…

I have a lot of extra jewelry chain.

So this happened:

I made a web bracelet. They’re pretty simple when you think of it. I added a bead from an old necklace I broke apart to embellish a t-shirt scarf.

When I finally got around to taking some photos, I came across a horrible truth. I am utterly unphotogenic. I much prefer being behind the camera. It didn’t help that I had to take pictures of myself and did not have a tripod. That’s why I stuck with headless shots for the photos on my listings. By chance, I got some kinda awesome, creepy shots like these:

I was just testing out the self timer and seeing whether I had the correct amount encyclopedia books stacked on the table on my patio. This was one of my crazier outfits, by the way. I didn’t wear the bow tie to work but it’s essentially the same outfit. (Shoes, skirt – Goodwill, top – Express, bow tie – myself.)

Anyway, check out my latest listings here, here, and here. I also listed a pair of vintage shoes that I thrifted but didn’t fit.