Happy 4th of July!

While I may not be the most patriotic of people, the birth of our nation is still quite an important day. I’m not one to go all out and done a red, white, and blue outfit head-to-toe, but here are some great Etsy finds that help you celebrate Independence day with a little subtlety.

(by BringMeSunshine7)

These patriotic little knitted ornaments are so adorable!

(by theyoungbones)

American flag distressed denim shorts are really popular right now. Although they can be fun DIY projects, if you don’t trust yourself cutting up a pair of jeans and painting the design you could always get a pair from Etsy. I especially like this pair because the colors are faded to give it that subtle, vintage, distressed look.

(by CatchSomeRaes)

The next time you need American themed cupcake toppers (or British, or French, or anything else red, white, and blue) try out these!

Hope you enjoyed some of my Etsy finds, which brings me to another point! For every Friday in July (and maybe August) I’ll be making a weekly Etsy treasury featuring some of the awesomest items I find on Etsy. So look out for it this Friday!

Now get out there are celebrate! I don’t have anything huge planned, but I am going to a family friend’s house for a little get together this evening.



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