Vanilla & Strawberry Ombre Popsicles

I don’t know about you, but we’re in the midst of a heat wave here in the mid-Atlantic. It’s 100 degrees over here in the Diamond State of Delaware, and I’m finding myself breaking a sweat after walking from the front door to the car parked in the driveway.


All this hot weather has got me craving ice cream and popsicles, but because my mom is a health nut now, we don’t really have that stuff in my house. So, I asked her to buy popsicle molds so we could make our own healthy, frozen, fruit treats.

What I love about using these is that you don’t really need a recipe. Basically, take whatever fruit you have, add a little juice, yogurt, milk (cow or soy) and a little sweetener (sugar, honey, agave syrup) if your fruit isn’t all that sweet, and blend it. Pour them in the molds and freeze them for a few hours (I suggest overnight.)

But for these popsicles, I decided to get a little fancy. One of my favorite blogs is One Sheepish Girl and Meredith’s post on Vanilla Yogurt & Strawberry Popsicles inspired me to make my own variation.


What I used:

Frozen Strawberries

Vanilla Yogurt

Juice of Half a Lemon

Agave Syrup

So I didn’t take any measurements because they don’t really matter. Just use what you have and improvise!

Step 1:

Take half of your strawberries, squeeze about a third of your half lemon (so a sixth of a lemon) in it, and a little agave or honey and blend them in your blender. Pour the puree into the molds so that it fills one third of the popsicle molds. Let that freeze for 30 minutes so that the shape will hold for the rest of the mix.

Step 2:

Take the other half of your strawberries, lemon juice, and agave, and this time add some vanilla yogurt, and blend! Pour this into the second third of the popsicle molds, on top of the strawberry puree which should be slightly frozen after 30 minutes. Freeze for another 30 minutes.

Step 3:

Blend together vanilla yogurt, lemon juice, and agave. Pour this last mixture into the top layer of your popsicle molds and freeze for another 4 hours (?) I’m actually not sure since I left them over night, but I think 4 hours should be long enough.

ImageRemoving the molds:

This can get a little tricky, but you need to run them under hot water. Depending on your molds it will take more or less hot water to dislodge your popsicles from the molds. But once you have, enjoy!



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