My DIY: Embroidered iPhone Case

A while ago I came across these amazing DIY Cross Stitch iPhone cases made by a South Korean company, Leese Design.

These phone cases are every tech-savvy DIY-er’s dream and at only $18 they aren’t unattainable, especially when iPhone cases are being sold for around $30.

However, I’m frugal, as frugal as people can get. When I was online shopping for a new iPhone case last winter I decided on this case.

I got it from¬†for only $6.47 with FREE shipping. Of course, the quality matches the value because I wouldn’t trust it saving my phone from any precipitous drop. After a half a year with it, I got bored so with inspiration from the cross stitch cases I decided to spruce it up!

Because this case sadly was not designed to be embroidered with, I had to keep the design simple so the case could still fit on the phone. I tried doing a more complex zigzag design but the case wouldn’t fit snuggly around the phone, so I settled for some staggered rainbow lines. I’m not much of a sewer (person who sews, not disgusting waste transport system) anyways. It’s still pretty nifty though, don’t you think?


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