Back to School List

But in all sincerity, I really like lists. I like being able to see objects and ideas neatly organized in a vertical line and be able to cross them off as I complete each task. When I was in elementary school, I loved getting my school supplies list and being able to check off every box as the new school year neared. Now that I’m in college, my list does not consist of crayons and notebooks, but of things I want to try and changes I want to see in myself. I have 19 days left of summer until I return to campus for band camp. Looking back at my Freshman year, it was great, but there a lot of things I wish I could have done differently so here are my goals for the academic year of 2012-2013:

  1. Step out of my comfort zone which is becoming more and more behind my computer screen. It may seem like I have a lot to say when I’m blogging but in real life, I’m actually very quiet and don’t say more than I need to. This year I want to meet more people, make more friends, and challenge myself. Because you never know, someone you meet in an intro marketing class may be a hotshot CEO one day and could land you an awesome job. It’s all about networking. I wasn’t exactly warm and welcoming to fellow business majors last year but this year I want to make more friends with people in my field. Speaking of networking, I want to go to as many career fairs and networking events as I can so I can make myself known to future employers. It’s never to early to start thinking about your future. I already got my foot in the door by going to last year’s Spring Career Expo.
  2. Get out there, and by there I think I mean the campus community. It seems like my Freshman year of high school, in which I joined only one club, had repeated despite my trying to prevent it. I want to be a more active part of the community. Being VP of the new knitting club definitely helps, but I want to get involved in business clubs and community service as well. I will not let marching band be an excuse for laziness because once Spring semester rolls around I know I’ll be too comfortable in my do-nothing-besides-classwork schedule to leave my dorm.
  3. Stay healthy, isn’t that everyone’s goal? I want to take advantage of the close proximity of the gym to my dorm and I want to keep up the Zumba I’ve been trying out this summer. I didn’t really have a “Freshman 15” problem but I will continue to have a healthy diet and not let my proximity to Main St. allow me to eat out twice a week.
  4. Work hard, party… a little. Rather than Jesse Ruben’s I Should Get Out More be my anthem I’m making Kyle Patrick’s Wild Ways my theme song this year. 
    I think I’ve been watching too much How I Met Your Mother, but I don’t want to tell my kids that I was a boring old grandma (figuratively) at the age of 20. And I want to have an adventure. YOLO, right? I kid, I kid.
  5. Be efficient. I claim that I major in efficiency, not that I’ve actually learned anything pertaining to my major yet, but I enjoy being efficient and lament when I’m not. I want to be efficient in dorm space, especially my wardrobe. This semester I’m only bringing what I wear and donating the rest. I actually want to try one of those 30 day challenges making outfits from the same few pieces of clothing. I want to be efficient with my time. I have lost track of hours wasted on Tumblr. I’ll have to limit myself to half an hour a day, and especially not when I’m done my work and decide to stay up a few more hours solely to browse the internet. And I want to be efficient in my effort. It’s so easy to spend more time on a class you like and is easy rather than a class that needs more attention that is boring. I’m usually good about this kind of thing so I want to keep it up. No all-nighters for me.
  6. Dress for success is something I fully believe in. While some of my male friends questioned why I even decided to get out of sweats during finals week I personally find myself more motivated when I take the time to get ready in the morning and wear a nice presentable outfit. Also, you are your own marketer. What you wear and how you present yourself says a lot about you, despite the saying “what’s on the inside counts.” I want to mark myself as an individual yet present myself in a professional way. With that being said, I definitely made some bad style choices last year and hope to never repeat them.
  7. Maintain my Etsy shop. I can’t give up. Not yet. They say that your business has to fail 3 times before a success. I’m not getting as many view and sales as I would like but if I kept up the work during school unlike last year, it might amount to something.
  8. Get paid. It would help if my so-called “part time job” working on my Etsy shop gave me a little cash flow but what I really want is a paid internship. Experience and money. Probably during Winter Session when I’m on campus.
  9. Study abroad. I am already talking about going to Hong Kong next summer for an internship program, which is sadly not paid and will cost me thousands instead of giving me thousands, but for a summer in Hong Kong? Totally! But we’ll see about that. I have to get through this semester first.

But enough about me. Any readers in school or college? Do you enjoy making lists like I do? Do you have any goals for this upcoming school year? Tell me what you think!


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