My DIY: Button-Embellished School Spirit Bulletin Boards

Because who does one DIY when you can combine as many as you can?

A while ago mr. kate, one of my favorite bloggers and a person I look up to in general, posted this tutorial (complete with funny sock puppet) on how to make funky upcycled jewelry 3d letters. When I first saw it, I thought about how great something like this would look as a dorm decoration. It’s cheap, easy, and super fun to make, and it’d be really fun to do with your roommate for a little study break.

And then, I saw some awesome yarn wrapped letters on Etsy and thought, “I could make that myself!” I found this tutorial by landofnod. It’s a great way to use up any old acrylic yarn you don’t want. I have quite a bit of that in my stash.

But this whole time, I was trying to brainstorm a creative way to hang pictures and other little paper mementos. So I came up with my button-embellished school spirit bulletin boards.

I used foam core, like mr. kate did in her video, but I only used one layer. Thinking back, I probably should have used two for more durability but I hadn’t watched the video since the first time I saw it and just dove into the project. The fabric I used came from an extra UD Band Day T-shirt (I got 4, two smalls (I gave one to my brother) and two XXL (I used one for a T-shirt scarf and the scraps for this project and I still have an extra)), a plaid button down which I used the pockets for to make a pocket scarf, and thrifted denim jeans that my brother did not want anymore. I have a bunch of old and random buttons passed down from my mom who used to sew a lot back in the day, some beads from a necklace I didn’t want and used half for other DIYs, and of course that heinous royal blue acrylic yarn which also came from my mom. I blame her for my craft addiction.

Before the storm.

Haha, you can see my University of Delaware water bottle is there for some inspiration! But how could I forget that I also used fabric scissors, jewelry tools for my beads, an X-acto knife, and a hot glue gun. HOT GLUE GUN! A hot glue gun is a girl’s best friend. If you thought it was diamonds you were wrong.

So basically, I traced out my U and D and cut them out. Then I covered it with scraps of fabric. Then I wrapped yarn around some parts. Then I glued buttons and beads that matched my color scheme. Then I added a cute little bow because I have an obsession with bows. Then I added a little braided bit. There really is no method to my madness. Just go with the flow and have fun!

During the storm.

Then I tested out using thumbtacks on it. It doesn’t leave any holes, but the pin goes through the single layer of foam core. Another reason why I should have doubled up on the base. But now for some awesome close ups…!

I forgot to mention that I glued a googley eye to YoUDee!

It’s gonna be a week full of crafting for me. I have to get the most out of my last two weeks of freedom. After I come home from my internship this afternoon I’m making guitar pick/guitar string jewelry!

Have you been crafty this summer? How are you decorating this year? How much school spirit do you have? Leave me comments and show me if you try a take on these lettered crafts!


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