End of internship, end of summer…

Today was my last day interning for JDRF Delaware. Ah, it’s truly a sign that summer is coming to an end!

I had an awesome time working with JDRF. I met the three awesome ladies that work in the office. I can’t imagine managing all the JDRF activities in Delaware with just 3 full time workers but I guess a lot of effort is also put in with the handful of volunteers like me. I got to meet some other interns and volunteers that help this organization run smoothly, including another Operations Management major that also goes to UD.

While there were a bunch of interns working this summer we each had our niche. My main job within the internship was managing and revamping their chapter website and social media accounts. I guess all the time I spend on the computer pays off! While it may not have been directly related to my major (Operations Management), I did learn a lot about working for a non-profit, something I could see myself doing in the future. I could definitely see where an operations manager could be needed in a non-profit organization in which funds and resources must be allocated to yield the best possible outcomes.

Compared to the Aflac internship I did last winter, this was without a doubt much more relaxing, fun, and worthwhile. While both offices were sparsely populated with only a few employees, I barely got to know the guys over at Aflac. Honestly, I felt like I was being exploited at Aflac. Every intern had basically the same job, making marketing calls or recruitment calls. We followed a script and had to deal with all kinds of personalities over the phone. Thinking back, they didn’t even look at my resume or ask for any qualifications. The took anybody and once they cornered you in, there was no way to refuse. In contrast, at JDRF, they took the time to get to know my strengths and weaknesses and catered the program to what fit both their needs and my skills. They even asked for my input and opinions from time to time. And even though at Aflac I had a slight possibility of earning money (although I wasn’t lucky enough to, it was based on if the people you scheduled to recruitment meetings actually showed up) working at JDRF for free was way more rewarding. There’s also that feeling of working for a non-profit that you are helping people. Their office was full of pictures of all the kids with type 1 diabetes that they help.

If there was one thing I have to complain about, and it’s not really anything that anyone could have changed, it has to be their chapter website tool, which is used to design the layout of their chapter website. If anyone up top at JDRF stumbles upon this post please take note: It is incredibly glitchy and does not give you many options to work with. Customizing my WordPress or Tumblr layout is much easier and much less troublesome. It’s great for communicating purposes, but not aesthetically pleasing. But I’m picky with my visuals.

I guess this marks the end of my summer. Next week is all about buying new things for my dorm and packing, packing, packing! I need to get a haircut, too. I can’t wait to get back to campus for band camp and see all my friends again. With all this excitement I always seem to neglect the blaring heat we’ll have to endure and being on our feet for the majority of our 15 hour days, but more on that later.

So readers, are you out there? What have you done this summer? Leave me a comment below!


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