Etsy vs. Storenvy (I’m considering the switch…) [NOW OPEN]

I only just found out about Storenvy and the more and more I read about it, the more it looks appealing as a platform for selling my knitted goodies. Like, seriously. I feel like I’ve put so much effort into trying to gain more views and likes for my items in my Etsy store and nothing seems to lead to sales. On top of that, I’m losing money and something I do for fun, is becoming less fun because I can’t be spending money on yarn and listing fees when I have books and tuition to pay for. So I’m going to list pros and cons and by the end of my writing this, maybe I’ll come to a conclusion.

Fees: The #1 appealing quality of Storenvy is that there are zero fees. Yep, no listing fees and no transaction fees. At Etsy I’m popping out $.20 a listing plus a 3.5% transaction fee once I sell an item. And at Storenvy you don’t have to renew your listings, although it won’t help if you want to get more exposure on their new items list.

Promotion: At Etsy, it’s really difficult to get exposure unless you make Treasury on the front page. Even if a lot of people like your item, only the people in their Circle will see that they liked your item (and I am really annoyed by the Circle and Notification system at Etsy.) When you search, the most relevant items appear first and if you just go browsing in the categories, I think it’s the most recently listed items first. They actually changed this recently and it’s too complicated for me to bother looking into. And you can also buy ad space, but that’s not something I ever even considered with my shop. Something I thought Etsy was lacking was a sort of best sellers list or most popular shops directory. Well, Storenvy has that. Storenvy has Marketplaces where you can categorize the type of shop you run (vintage, handmade, indie, music, etc.) When you browse under a Market, they have a list of best sellers, a list of most liked items, and a top selling stores list. That way, what’s most popular ends up at top, rather than the prettiest pictures that fit into some narrow theme. Then you can browse all items and see newest items as well. Storenvy also has a smaller market so it’s much more tight-knit and you don’t have to fight for attention. There’s less competition. But Etsy is more well known outside of the handcraft sellin community. I hadn’t even heard of Storenvy. I also like Etsy’s Treasury feature. But more for the eye candy I think…

So far, it looks like Storenvy is winning.

Community: Something I like about Etsy is the community. I like the idea of Teams and I especially find their Etsy Success series really helpful. I feel like at Etsy, they help you run/start a business. However, I read a few things on the Storenvy forums about Etsy being snobby? I don’t really get that vibe when I interact with people in the Etsy forums but I could see what they might be getting at, especially if you are an Etsy seller who doesn’t get that many sales while some sellers have too much to handle. Oh, and pricing. Sometimes I see thing on Etsy that I wonder, who would pay xxx amount of dollars for that? It’s hard to put yourself in that picture as a new seller. So I guess, yeah, I can see Etsy being a little snobbish now, too.

Shop Front/ User Friendliness: Etsy is easy enough to use. The only bad thing is that they keep changing their policies as of late and I don’t have time/don’t feel like reading about all their changes. Oh and they’ve been having server issues recently so their site’s been down a few times in the past few weeks. Doesn’t seem too good to me… But with an Etsy shop you can’t change your shop layout or customize it other than a banner and the recently added About page (which I believe no one actually looks at.) Storenvy shops are fully customizable with HTML/CSS (or so I’ve read about since I haven’t opened a shop yet.) While this may be a little more troublesome if you’re not a techie, I’ve dabbled in some website design in my Neopet days and I play around with my Tumblr theme often enough that I think I can handle it. AND you can fully integrate a Storenvy shop onto Facebook so people can buy directly from Facebook. How neat is that? Although I don’t use my Facebook much, I can see myself using it for my shop. I also like how you can list one product, then put in options for different sizes and colors, rather than doing one listing for each option. It’s much more like a real online store (like when you buy something from an online retailer.)

Ok, so wow, this has gotten really slanted isn’t it? I think all in all, Storenvy looks like a better option for someone who isn’t making money on Etsy due to its over-saturation. There is no way I’m gonna get exposure and sales there AND be a full time college student. With one week of summer left, I might begin to integrate to Storenvy and use both at the same time for a while. It’s a pity since I worked so hard on my Etsy this summer but I need to step back and realize I’m not getting anywhere there. And I think as long as I promote via social media and word of mouth, I can maintain the same exposure.

Near-midnight thoughts… yeah, this post was impulsive but I needed to think this through. Time for bed. I’m waking up early for Zumba tomorrow morning, getting a hair cut, and buying things for school. But if any of you have had experience with Etsy or Storenvy or both leave me your thoughts below. Which do you think is better?


I didn’t feel like making a whole new post but I just made a Storenvy to try it out. I’m still working on listing everything but please check it out here or in the link on my main menu.


20 thoughts on “Etsy vs. Storenvy (I’m considering the switch…) [NOW OPEN]

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    • Thanks for reading! It’s been awhile since I’ve even thought about returning to the foray of e-commerce but Storenvy is proving to be something new and upcoming from what I’ve been researching.

    • To be honest, being a college student doesn’t allow me a lot of time to promote and work on my shop, thus I haven’t actually had any sales from using Storenvy. I do notice a little bit or traffic on my listings even without active promoting other than maintaining this blog. I think I mainly like the fact that I can list my items free of charge. Right now all my Etsy listings have expired but my Storenvy listings are still up and people can browse my shop if they happen upon it.

      I’m just rambling now and sorry if this hasn’t been helpful at all. I honestly can’t say that sales-wise there’s been a difference but it’s definitely been cost-efficient on my end.

    • Hi Ryan! It’s good to hear about your success. I’m loving that members only jacket you listed haha. If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you had your shop open for and how much outside promotion do you do? Maybe once I graduate I’ll try e-commerce again and Storenvy will probably be the platform I’ll use.

    • Hmm, no! Are they new startups? I haven’t heard of them. I’ll check them out but to be completely honest, I’m thinking of closing down the e-commerce part of Girlmeetsyarn and just focus on blogging, my schoolwork, and developing my professional aspirations. I’ve found other passions that I want to pursue but I will always be knitting :)

  3. I had the same situation. I had an etsy for a few months and I didn’t even get likes on my items. They were really nice though, I’m really not trying to toot my own horn. I got a storenvy a couple months ago but I just don’t know how to get noticed. I sell on ebay sometimes and it has lots of web traffic so I did sell quite a few things there but the fees were pretty crazy. I got a poshmark account, but it became super stressful so I closed it. Althought it was pretty good and fun. I sold quite a few things and I swapped a ton. I also spent Monroe money than I had. I’m looking for other marketplaces to try as of now. Hopefully something will happen.
    It’s just ironic to me that in order for you to make money you have to have enough to pay for promotion on etsy. And even then, sells aren’t guaranteed

    • This type of business is definitely harder than it seems. It’s a really niche market and I think you need a good market based on either a physical store front or social media in order to get a lot of customers on etsy or any other platform.

  4. You are so right about Etsy. I have an Etsy store as well as a Storenvy store and the differences are so obvious between both stores. I haven’t sold anything yet but at least I’m getting some traffic on Storenvy and I’m able to customize my store and list my items for free. Im thinking about closing my Etsy store because sometimes i get so fustrated when I see the same items from the same sellers over and over on the front page of my category (im on the edible category). Even when you scroll to the page 2,3,4 you still looking at items from those same sellers while others (like me) don’t even get noticed. I now that as a new seller im basically a little fish in the whole sea but at least my items on Storenvy appear on page 4! Maybe it’s because Storenvy dosen’t have that many sellers but Im enjoying my exposured very much right now. :)

    • Hi Patricia! I looked at your Storenvy and your lollipops look so cute and delicious. Yeah, I was frustrated by the same things, too. I hope you find luck with Storenvy!

  5. I think I’m a little behind on this article but want to comment anyways. I was using eBay up until June for 2 years selling hats and was just starting to take off when I got false negative feedback. they shut me down so I went looking elsewhere. I tried to sell on Instagram and made like 3-4 sales advertising and then I ran into etsy.Coming from eBay esty seems heaven sent. Going from eBay fees to esty fees is awesome. anyways I’ve been on etsy for about a month and half now and have made about 21 sales. I think it can be successful you just have to sacrafice the 20 cents to get your stuff out there, I’m now looking to adding store envy as well, a free store seems too good to pass up. Hopefully I can have some added success there.Thanks for the Informative article. if anyone’s interested you can check out my etsy store for custom

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