My very first sweater!

A while ago I wrote about looking for a pattern for knitting my first sweater. I was in the middle of working on that one when my friend Erin asked me to make her a sweater. I told her that I was working on my first sweater and had never completed one yet but she insisted that I make her one. So I took her up on the challenge.

I initially wanted to make this sweater I found on Ravelry but I didn’t read the pattern through before starting and it turned out totally wrong. The writer had a mistake while writing the pattern and has yet to fix it but when she does, I am so trying it out. It’s a really cute sweater! It’s such a pity that the pattern isn’t correct! :(

But I had already bought the yarn so now I had to look for a pattern that used the same yarn weight and needles I already owned. This was the only pattern I found. It’s not the chic-est of sweaters but it was definitely something I could pull off. My gauge was a little too big but I just went a size down to adjust for it. Gosh, I really hate gauge.

Knitting the whole sweater completely in stockinette stitch was… boring. I could do it without thinking but I prefer a little more stimulation when I knit. My next project will definitely have to be something more challenging.

So here’s what mine looked like. Sorry for the low quality pictures but it was dark when I took them and I was too lazy to fiddle around with settings and edit them. It’s WIP stages:

Almost done! But I had to run out and buy another skein of yarn.

Whoo! Done the knitting portion. Now to weave in ends and seam :/

Seaming complete!

Getting ready to be blocked…

After blocking!

I can’t decide what I hate more, seaming or blocking. They are both annoying but essential to a perfect garment. Hehe after I finished seaming a whole side I realized I should have used kitchener stitch instead of mattress stich but it didn’t turn out too bad. The sweater before blocking was a couple inches too short in the sleeves but I blocked it to add 2 inches. It’s definitely magical, but my iron refused to cooperate and it was heavy and it was too hot to operate during the summer. But, here it is!

Finished product!

Now I can cross off a sweater from my knitting bucket list! I’ll be making a post on that soon too so look forward to it. :) Happy knitting!

3 thoughts on “My very first sweater!

  1. Congratulations on finishing your sweater! I love knitting sweaters–it’s so rewarding at the end!
    But I agree with you about gauges…they are so frustrating! No matter what I do, I always end up knitting big!

    • It’s definitely rewarding! I’m definitely going to keep doing more “big” projects. I tended to stick to quick and dirty ones that I could finish in a few hours. Although this sweater was knit with a chunky yarn so it took about a week and a half, I’m going to try knitting a tighter gauge sweater next.

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