Dorm Room Decor

I should probably be doing a little cleaning but I’d rather blog about unpacking/cleaning than actually do it.

Last Wednesday after a full day of outside band rehearsal, I got to move into my permanent dorm for the year. It was so fantastic carrying my stuff up to the fourth floor without an elevator…

Well once my roommate and I both got our stuff in our room it looked like this. (p.s. she’s also in band)

A hot mess.

And after a little rearranging it looked like this.

The left side is mine. I’m loving all the closet space I have. You can see my yarn stash up top. I gotta bring my yarn to college.

I put my books on the window sill which overlooks The Green, which is probably the prettiest part of campus.

And my favorite part, my bulletin boards at work!

And my fangirl wall which includes my new Super Junior poster, a photo I got signed by The Click Five way back in 2007, a photo of Kyle Patrick I got in my KP mystery box, photos of me and Kyle from 2010, and me and Jesse Ruben from this summer, and me and my sister infront of Mayan ruins. I have a feeling more pictures are going up as the year goes along.

Tomorrow is the start of classes! I have Intro to Marketing and Chinese Literature in Translation. Hope this year is as great as I’m expecting!


One thought on “Dorm Room Decor

  1. You have started university already!? WOW! Congrats., Vi! I remember my good old dorm days. I stay in an apartment now ^^

    Best of luck on this new part of life. Sounds like you’re keeping a good balance between studies and social activities *thumbs up*

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