My Sheepish Yarn Bomb!

Just a word of warning – I’m writing this post at 1:45am.

But, it’s never too early to start Sheepish Yarn Bombing Day!

Meredith over at One Sheepish Girl¬†is one of my favorite bloggers. She always has creative and cute knit and crochet ideas and here pictures are impeccable. I hope to master her skill of blog photography one day – but today is not that day. Anyway, she came up with an idea that would unite all her readers into a day where we would all yarn bomb together. Thus Sheepish Yarn Bombing Day! And we can track everyone’s knit graffiti with the Twitter hashtag #sheepishyarnbomb.

Like Meredith, I too did my first yarn bomb last year. Yup, that’s the beautiful Green at the UD campus.

My first yarn bomb, taken the morning after the night/pre-dawn after I tagged this tree.

Well, since my first one was such a success, I was itching to do another. And all I needed was an excuse. And here was one right in front of my face.

What a person does on Friday nights really reveals their character, right? Well, I had an opportunity to go to a party and seeing that alcohol was going to be a huge part of it and I don’t drink, staying in and knitting up a few tags for yarn bombing seemed like a much more appealing option.

So around 9pm, I started my first and I finished my second just after 1am. There might have been an Oreo and Bananagrams break in the middle somewhere. This is what I ended up with:

Okay. I know the one on the right looks a little funky, but I was just using scrap yarn I wanted to get rid of and not really thinking about what it would look like.

I attached a piece of index card with the hashtag so curious folks may search it up on Twitter and see what this is all about. I want to educate the world on the art of knitting and knitting as an urban street art.

So it was around 1:30am when I left my dorm to tag some lamp posts across the street. Last time I yarn bombed, I woke up extremely early in order to not be seen, but this time, I was like screw it. I’m gonna yarn bomb even if drunk people are walking around campus. The drunk people probably won’t even remember seeing me. In the morning they’d probably be thinking, “How much did I drink last night? Did I see a girl attaching a piece of yarn to a lamp post? I can’t reven remember… I was probably too drunk…”

Here were the results. I’m going to take some more pictures in the morning.

As you can see, there were definitely people roaming around at 1:30am.


So I went out this morning and on my way to brunch I checked up on my yarn bombs, and guess what I saw on one of the lamp posts?


That’s right. NOTHING. Someone took it! I don’t see any reason why anyone would take it or how unless they just carry scissors around everywhere. I guess it was good that only the ugly one was taken. The other one is still intact as you can see here.


It’s Blue and Gold Day! So a lot of perspective students are visiting and they’ll all see how awesome UD is because we’ve got rebels that love to tag lamp posts with knitted swatches.

Have you ever yarn bombed anything? Are you participating in Sheepish Yarn Bombing Day? Let me know in the comments and make sure you check the #sheepishyarnbomb tag on Twitter.


Two Decades.

When you say it like that, it seems like a really long time, doesn’t it?

Today’s my 20th birthday! And apart from the numerous Facebook birthday messages and occasional “Happy birthday!” from a friend or classmate, being 20 doesn’t feel that much different from being 19. I am just at that awkward limbo age that’s somewhere between teenager and legal adult.

Birthday’s have never been a big deal to me. We didn’t really celebrate it with gifts in my family. We might get a cake, but that’s because we just need an excuse to buy a delicious dessert.

When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was grow up. I hated the trivial playground drama, and believe me there is quite a bit of it. And in middle school, I just wanted to get away from it all. I didn’t want to deal with that teenage girl gossip stuff and I don’t ever think I went through that “phase” in life. However, looking back in my recent years, I seem to have done more “childish” things than I did in my childhood. But who says arts and crafts is just for kids anymore, right?

I think my point is age is just a number. Because being “old” and in college doesn’t stop a person from acting like a kid who doesn’t know any better. And being 12 doesn’t mean a person doesn’t have the maturity to know what is meaningful and what isn’t.

In my next decade, I hope to make something of myself. There is so much out there that I want to do but haven’t yet. You see these guys who change the world with their inventions, innovation, and ideas. I want to join their ranks! I want to make a difference! Is it wrong to still dream big? I don’t believe so.

Just an update!

It’s been just 4 weeks into the semester and boy does it feel like college again.

This week has been tough, and yet not so bad at the same time. I had my first exam of Sophomore year on Tuesday in Intro to Marketing. I thought I completely messed it up but low and behold there was a 94/100 on my online gradebook! I gave my first speech in Oral Communications and that went pretty smoothly as well. Tomorrow I have an exam on database design which I’m not worried about.

I’ve joined a plethora of clubs and activities. I’ve already blogged about Knitting and Crochet Club (we had another meeting tonight!) but in addition to that I’ve also involved myself in the Marketing Club, APICS (an Operations Management organization), Asian Student Association, Fife and Drum Core, and the Cultural Exchange Program (that first meeting was tonight.) It’s been quite a busy week with all these meetings (plus marching band) but it will definitely pay off in the long run.

Speaking of marching band, we’ve had 3 games so far, well 2.5 if you consider the one that rained out. The season’s been a blast so far but I am definitely going to enjoy this weekend off. I’m going back home!

Oh, home! What I miss the most about it is the Vietnamese food. I am completely sick of the dining hall and university food courts. Nothing is appealing once you’ve had it before. It really hit me today. I had no appetite for anything and barely had anything to eat all day. The caffeine in my tea this morning definitely did not help and it just made me feel all jittery and anxious for no reason.

I’ve been keeping up with my fitness routine at least a little. I go the gym on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Zumba Club at night when its available and I have time.

And let’s see… oh yes. My Etsy shop! A lot of my listings will expire soon, so if you want to buy something off Etsy go, go, go! Once they’re all expired I’m moving to Storenvy and never looking back. I can’t afford to list there anymore. It just stinks that I just had business cards made with my Etsy URL. And I’ve cut down the prices. Just applying some basic supply and demand theory.

I’m making progress on my own sweater. I miss writing DIY and craft posts. They’re by far my most popular topics for readers. And I need to take some pictures soon. I’m sick of writing mainly text posts. I’m definitely going to take advantage of the new Panorama feature on my iPhone :)

And I forgot to mention that I got tickets to see FUN. when they play here at UD!

And just one more thing! I turn 20 in 5 days!!!

So what new with you lately?

[Short] Oops my introvert is showing

I told myself that today I would scout out for any groups in my marketing class that needed another member. Not knowing anyone in the class, this was surely a daunting task. Well, I got there early and… I did… nothing… I guess I’ll have to settle with whoever my professor puts me with since she said she’d combine individuals and incomplete groups. I just didn’t want to have to stress about finding a group by Tuesday, the same day we have an exam in that class. And the same week I have to give a speech in my communications class and another exam on database designs in information systems.

As much as I strongly dislike group projects (let’s get this straight, I’m perfectly fine with working in groups but when it’s a semester-long project and everyone has different schedules and ideas it’s not exactly a fun ride), I’d almost prefer that the group members were assigned rather than chosen. That way you wouldn’t have to deal with this pressure and it also wouldn’t be your fault if the group didn’t have a great dynamic. I’d feel lousy if I chose people I barely knew as a group members and they turned out to be complete free riders.

I’m not doing a very good job with #1 on my goal list, am I?