On Networking and Double Majors

One of my goals for this year is to be an active member of various clubs and organizations at UD. Today was the first meeting of the Blue Hen Marketing Club and I knew I had to go to the first meeting otherwise I’d never end up going. I don’t know many business majors but I hope to meet others in the same field of study by being a more active member of marketing and Women in Business because I know one day this will pay off no matter how much I don’t feel like leaving my dorm room when I have butt-loads of homework.

The special speaker at the meeting was a UD alumnus who ended up working at Nickelodeon. Yeah, that TV network that almost everyone knows about. That sounds so awesome to me! Well surprise surprise, the way she ended up with her job was by going to a high school reunion and talking to an old acquaintance who also worked there. This just leads me to believe that no matter what you study or what skills you have, the only way to break into the business world is by having connections. It may not sound fair or ideal but that is the reality of our world. You could apply to a million positions but you are more likely to get a job by being referred by someone you know. This is why I am going to be extremely dedicated to going to networking functions this year – as long as it doesn’t conflict with marching band in the fall.

One of the co-presidents of the club is a Marketing and Operations Double Major and I talked to her after the meeting about my interest becoming a double major in the same subjects. After going to a few Intro to Marketing classes, I’ve realized that marketing is not all that I thought it was. There is so much more thought and depth into the marketing process and especially in today’s technological age with social media marketing (what I mainly did with my internship this summer) there is a lot of opportunity in adding marketing as a double major. And for someone as blog obsessed as me, I see so much potential in studying a little more marketing. And I could definitely see it benefiting me as I use my entrepreneurial spirit in trying to sell my knitting online. I’m going to talk to my advisor tomorrow to hopefully sort some of these things out because I’m not sure how it’s going to work with my Math and Asian Studies minors. The person I talked to said it was easy though.

The school year has just started and it feels like I have to plan out the rest of my life already!


2 thoughts on “On Networking and Double Majors

  1. Networking is an integral part of being referred to someone within a company in order to obtain a job. A lot of business students in my previous university have earned jobs through contacts. In the Middle East there is a term for this, which we call “wasta”. You may read more about it here: http://www.al-bab.com/arab/background/wasta.htm Perhaps you will find it interesting =) It’s almost a cultural thing over there.

    Additionally, marketing involves several specific areas of interests such as Tourism Marketing, Non-Profit and Social Marketing, Marketing Communications (this is where blogging plays a role), etc. Some of these courses are offered as an elective. Pick the one that you are really interested in. Principles of Marketing, which is often the introductory course for the major, may be boring in the beginning, but the major does get more interesting once you have your electives. Hope that helps!

    • Thanks for the insight! I’ll definitely look at that link when I have some time (I’m eating breakfast and checking my blogs 15 minutes before I have to leave for class :P)

      I checked out your bio again, and I was right. I thought I remember reading that you were a Marketing major. I always thought marketing was just advertising and sales but I’ve already learned that there is a much more scientific approach to marketing. It’s actually my first class today! I don’t really have much choice in which marketing classes I’ll have to take for a double major but right now my advisor just wants to focus on getting all the basics done first.

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