Spread the Yarn Love <3

Hoorah! Tonight was UD’s first Knitting and Crochet Club meeting! :)

After unexpected amounts of people showed up at the activity fair I was super excited to see the turn out at the first meeting. I didn’t get a count but there was probably around 20-25 people. Some of them knew how to knit and/or crochet and some of them didn’t, which was half the fun! I got to dip my feet into teaching people how to knit and I realized – it’s harder than you’d think, especially when two people with different knitting styles try to take on the job together.

If you creep on me hardcore, you would have read my About page, where I say that I learned the basics of knitting from my mom, who learned how when she was a kid in Vietnam. And maybe that’s what makes the difference because I have never seen a knitting book that taught me how to make a slip knot and cast on the same way I learned. Well, I tried to teach newbies the way I’ve been knitting for the past 10 years, with other experienced knitters observing in awe. I watched in awe when they casted on using their method, so there was mutual amazement. It took awhile to get everyone to cast on their first row but it happened eventually. Many of you will probably agree that learning how to start your first row of knitting is probably the most frustrating thing about learning how to knit. In fact, casting on is one of the most frustrating things about knitting in general. But, I told everyone that with practice, it becomes more comfortable and even natural. It took me 10 years to get where I am now.

And then I moved on to the knit stitch. One of the most difficult things about teaching someone how to knit or any sort of learned talent is that it’s hard to go back to the time when you were in their shoes. It’s hard to understand that it’s difficult for people to pick up on a skill that comes so naturally to you. I found that I always got ahead of myself, trying to explain purl stitches when people didn’t even know how to knit yet. They were all probably really confused. Next time I’m going to come prepared!

I made an effort to meet everyone that showed up tonight. It was a really nice atmosphere over in the little section where experienced yarn crafters were working on current projects and talking about Ravelry and who had an Etsy and who had a Tumblr. I pitched a little about how great Storenvy is compared to Etsy. I told people my Tumblr url. It was great.

By the end of the meeting, some people had definitely gotten the knit stitch technique down. It’s a gratifying feeling, being able to teach someone skills that seem to have been lost over the course of time and the invention of technology. And now I know where I can find people who share the same hobbies as me instead of being a hermit in my own room.

So do you belong to a knitting/crocheting club or circle? Are you a college student who loves to knit/crochet and needs someone your age to share your interests with in real life? Have you ever tried teaching someone how to knit? Leave me comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

Also, shout out to all you knitters and crocheters I met tonight on the off chance that you actually decide to follow me on Tumblr or friend me on Facebook and find this post!


Now for massive amounts of reading. Remind me, why is accounting class fun?


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