[Short] Oops my introvert is showing

I told myself that today I would scout out for any groups in my marketing class that needed another member. Not knowing anyone in the class, this was surely a daunting task. Well, I got there early and… I did… nothing… I guess I’ll have to settle with whoever my professor puts me with since she said she’d combine individuals and incomplete groups. I just didn’t want to have to stress about finding a group by Tuesday, the same day we have an exam in that class. And the same week I have to give a speech in my communications class and another exam on database designs in information systems.

As much as I strongly dislike group projects (let’s get this straight, I’m perfectly fine with working in groups but when it’s a semester-long project and everyone has different schedules and ideas it’s not exactly a fun ride), I’d almost prefer that the group members were assigned rather than chosen. That way you wouldn’t have to deal with this pressure and it also wouldn’t be your fault if the group didn’t have a great dynamic. I’d feel lousy if I chose people I barely knew as a group members and they turned out to be complete free riders.

I’m not doing a very good job with #1 on my goal list, am I?


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