Just an update!

It’s been just 4 weeks into the semester and boy does it feel like college again.

This week has been tough, and yet not so bad at the same time. I had my first exam of Sophomore year on Tuesday in Intro to Marketing. I thought I completely messed it up but low and behold there was a 94/100 on my online gradebook! I gave my first speech in Oral Communications and that went pretty smoothly as well. Tomorrow I have an exam on database design which I’m not worried about.

I’ve joined a plethora of clubs and activities. I’ve already blogged about Knitting and Crochet Club (we had another meeting tonight!) but in addition to that I’ve also involved myself in the Marketing Club, APICS (an Operations Management organization), Asian Student Association, Fife and Drum Core, and the Cultural Exchange Program (that first meeting was tonight.) It’s been quite a busy week with all these meetings (plus marching band) but it will definitely pay off in the long run.

Speaking of marching band, we’ve had 3 games so far, well 2.5 if you consider the one that rained out. The season’s been a blast so far but I am definitely going to enjoy this weekend off. I’m going back home!

Oh, home! What I miss the most about it is the Vietnamese food. I am completely sick of the dining hall and university food courts. Nothing is appealing once you’ve had it before. It really hit me today. I had no appetite for anything and barely had anything to eat all day. The caffeine in my tea this morning definitely did not help and it just made me feel all jittery and anxious for no reason.

I’ve been keeping up with my fitness routine at least a little. I go the gym on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Zumba Club at night when its available and I have time.

And let’s see… oh yes. My Etsy shop! A lot of my listings will expire soon, so if you want to buy something off Etsy go, go, go! Once they’re all expired I’m moving to Storenvy and never looking back. I can’t afford to list there anymore. It just stinks that I just had business cards made with my Etsy URL. And I’ve cut down the prices. Just applying some basic supply and demand theory.

I’m making progress on my own sweater. I miss writing DIY and craft posts. They’re by far my most popular topics for readers. And I need to take some pictures soon. I’m sick of writing mainly text posts. I’m definitely going to take advantage of the new Panorama feature on my iPhone :)

And I forgot to mention that I got tickets to see FUN. when they play here at UD!

And just one more thing! I turn 20 in 5 days!!!

So what new with you lately?


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