These connections I’ve made

Like I’ve said before, I’ve joined APICS at my school which is an Operations Management organization of sorts. We’re kind of new and kind of the remnants of what graduating seniors that didn’t care anymore left behind last year. Well, I saw it as an excellent opportunity to get involved, and in a big way. I volunteered myself as the Secretary and the club is small enough that there was no opposition.

So APICS has these events or gatherings of both professionals and students where we can network and see a presentation about operations in the actual real world. This past Tuesday I went to one. Although I had so much work to do and things to study for, I definitely did not regret spending 3 hours away from school and getting to know more about what I could be doing in the future. The speaker was from Campbell’s Soup and the talk was about talent management. I was completely appalled by the fact that I actually knew some of those terms they throw around like supply chain and SAP. I literally learned about all of this stuff in the past week in my Marketing and MIS classes. It’s so nice to see that what you’re learning has a real world application.

I learned a lot about what kind of skills I should work on in order to make myself appealing to employers. They emphasized an understanding in Marketing, reassuring me of my desire for a double major in Operations and Marketing. However, they did cause some qualms. The emphasis on technology made me consider an Management Information Systems minor and I know for sure that I have no room for that unless I drop my Math or Asian Studies minor. And while I could see myself dropping Asian Studies, I would not want to because I want to be able to use college as not only a time to learn about my future profession but I also want to use college as a way to study and learn all I want before I am trapped. I have an addiction to learning, I really do.

I had some nice conversations with people from Campbell’s and DuPont. It was kind of amazing to talk to Campbell’s (DuPont’s been around my whole life because I’m from Delaware). My image of the soup company is like some large corporation who makes the chicken noodle soup with the possibilities. But behind every product or brand is a real person. And I could be that person one day.

Speaking of networking I went to a career fair of sorts yesterday. I talked to a few companies like Macy’s, Chase, Frtito-Lay, Pepsico, Target, and Enterprise. A few of them have amazing opportunities and internships for what I’m interested in. A lot of them are looking for Juniors and Seniors though. As a Sophomore who is dying for some hands-on experience, life is rough. I also have to decide whether I want to try for this study abroad internship in Hong Kong which is unpaid and which I have to pay for or to find an internship at home for the summer. Before I was thinking that saving up for the study abroad after my Junior year would be better, but now I’m thinking, if I can get into the Hong Kong program as a Sophomore, when I’m a Junior and these companies finally want me, I’ll be more than ready.

Now, I know most the people who read my blog are looking for knitting posts and I promise they are coming. I just haven’t had much time to knit or take pictures of my WIP sweater but this weekend it’s happening. I’m almost done the first sleeve and once I finish it I’ll get some pictures.


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