Hurricane Lockdown = Studying, TV, and Knitting

Happy Halloween everyone, I guess…

Sandy kind of just came by and took an entire holiday with her.

All jokes aside, I hope that all of my readers who live on the East Coast of the US are all safe and well. I know some places were hit pretty badly. Here in Delaware, we lucked out.

UD students were encouraged to go home before the hurricane hit, but me and a few friends decided to stick it out on campus. I live only 40 minutes away from Newark, but I wanted to experience what I thought would be an adventure. As it turns out, all Sandy was here was a bit of rain and wind, nothing much different than a typical Tuesday (For some reason it rains basically every Tuesday here). Our power did not go out, and there were barely any trees that got damaged. I saw a few branches here and there as I walked around campus today but other than that, there was little evidence that a hurricane passed through. Students who decided to go home as advised might have fared a bit worse, especially if they were from New Jersey or New York.

What the hurricane meant for me was time to prepare for my two upcoming exams, time to catch up on some TV shows and Kdramas, and most of all time to knit!

Except that my Marketing exam that had been scheduled for this Thursday has been pushed back to next Thursday! Hoorah! My Accounting exam however is still on for Friday. I’m feeling pretty confident about it, although I felt the same way for the last one and got only an 80%… I’ll study more, I promise.

I finished Season 4 and am halfway through Season 5 of How I Met You Mother. I have to admit I don’t watch much TV, but television is such a huge part of college culture, so I have to play catch up, one show at a time.

And of course, if I listen to Kpop, I must watch Kdramas as well. I finally finished watching To The Beautiful You, which is the Korean version of Hana Kimi, a Japanese drama/manga. It was pretty mediocre for me. Maybe I’ll write a review later. Or maybe not.

The most important part of this post is about knitting! After I finished my sweater, I was in that awkward and uncomfortable period of time where I didn’t have any projects to work on. I’m not really one of those knitters who likes to start a million projects and have a million WIPs. So I decided to knit myself a cowl!

Starting off! I like reading patterns off my computer :)

Knitting while hanging out in one of my friend’s rooms.

And while I was watching Kdramas in my bed.

The pattern is Simple Cable Cowl off Ravelry. It’s really easy to memorize and quite fast to knit. I’m almost done and probably saving the last bit for knitting club tomorrow.

I hope all my readers are alive and well after the hurricane. If you got a lot of knitting done while cooped up in your house, let me know in the comments!


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