I guess you could say it was pretty fun… hehe

Sorry, I just had to make that the title.

When it was announced that fun., the band behind hits We Are Young and Some Nights were coming to UD, I was determined to go. It’s not often that a famous and good musician venture to the forgotten state of Delaware. It will not go unsaid that I was not happy with the musical acts that held concerts at UD last year.

On the morning the tickets went on sale, a couple of friends and I woke up before the crack of dawn and found ourselves behind over 100 people already waiting in line for a chance to see the band play at our own convention center. I skipped a class for these tickets. I’d been in college for over a year and that was the first time I skipped a class. This was the real deal.

At last November 5th came! It only made it better that marching band rehearsal was cancelled so we had no worries about rushing around and getting from here to there. And sure, it was a little cold walking for 20 minutes to the venue but it was worth it.

One thing I love about going to concerts is that it forces you to listen to music without distractions. Sometimes it is only after seeing a band play a show that you can really get into their music. And sometimes it’s just the fact that those bands were meant to play live and not be listened to on a recording. Going to concerts is a great way to discover new music and bands.

The openers were Miniature Tigers and Walk The Moon. I thought I had never heard of either of these bands before seeing them, but I did hear good things about them from people whose music opinions I trust. But when Walk The Moon played Anna Sun I definitely recognized the song from hearing it before. I was really impressed by their presence. It was a little difficult to get the crowd going because most of them were just there to see fun. but they did an incredible job. I will definitely be giving these bands another listen.

The time in-between acts was a little lengthy and actually made each act , especially fun. seem too short. About an hour and a half after the first opener, fun. finally took stage. While I am not a huge fan, I am familiar with their music. It’s safe to say that I at least recognized every song that they played and knew at least the chorus.

So apparently, this was fun.’s first time in Delaware and the biggest show that they’ve played. I was surprised at the latter fact. I thought a band with such huge radio hits would have played bigger shows than a college in an unknown state. But we had that in common: that was the biggest concert I’d been to, too! It had all the works: laser lights, fog machine, and confetti. Every other concert that I’ve been to as been either at a bar/club setting or an outdoor setting.

So maybe this is something common for larger venues but I did not feel the same connection between artists and audience that I feel at smaller, intimate venues. There wasn’t a lot of conversation happening. It was just song after song after song and they stopped only once or twice to talk to the audience a bit and tell some stories. Maybe I’m used to the storytelling of The Click Five and Jesse Ruben but I wish there was a little more of that personal interaction happening with fun.

With that being said, their lack of conversation did not take away from their musical ability and performance. Nate Ruess has a stellar voice that did not fail that night. It’s not common today to see “musicians” being able to live up to recordings. Actually, I want to say that I enjoyed fun. much more live than whenever I listen to recordings. There’s just something extra about the sound quality. I love that fun. incorporates horn and string instruments in their music and I was surprised that their pianist Andrew Dost also plays the trumpet. Then again, we learned in one of the few conversations that Andrew wrote a musical in college, so maybe it wasn’t so surprising. After watching them play some of my favorite songs live (mainly The Gambler and All Alone) I really want to learn a few fun. covers on the piano.

My favorite part part of live concerts is when the crowd sings along. There is just something awe-inspiring about it. In this case, 1000s of people sang in unison during a few of their songs. There was a really amazing moment during We Are Young when half of the audience did the “na-nas” and the other half sang the “carry me home tonight” part. It was like a 5000-person choir.

The show ended after 2 hours of non-stop music. It was really sad to see a good portion of the audience leave before the encore performance. Really, have people never been to concerts before? I would be personally offended if I was the performer and noticed that a bunch of people left before the show officially ended.

All in all, this concert was an amazing experience. Concerts are definitely my entertainment medium of choice. If I could go to one every week I would! If only Kyle Patrick would come back from Asia and do some US East Coast shows…


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