Off and On the Needles

Just a little update on the Simple Cable Cowl I finished knitting!

I recently realized that I have way too many blue-ish and purple-ish scarves. It’s kind of ironic that I don’t have any scarves in warmer colors because orange is my favorite color. I need to knit myself a red or orange scarf now. Well after this other project I just casted on today.

I’m now working on a new knitting adventure: my first pair of mittens/gloves. I’m making these Flip-Top Mittens by The Purl Bee. The pattern is actually a variation on some fingerless gloves and I think I’m going to combine the patterns to make flip-top fingerless glove mittens. I only knitted a few rows today and I’ll probably be knitting a few more rows before bed tonight. (Oh and I’m making them in purple. Why is everything I make purple?) I just have a marketing exam to study for.

Wow, so it snowed today. It’s November. It’s almost Christmas season. I need to start thinking about knitting Christmas gifts. I’m kind of enjoying knitting myself as of lately. It’s not something I do often. I’m not sure if I have time to knit all my gifts by December! I guess I’ll just have to make it work. :)


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