Is it too late to start looking for Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanza/Winter Solstice gift patterns?

I just started this morning :/

Firstly, it’s had enough finding time to knit. I’m going to get myself in trouble with all of this knitting I need to do with all of these group projects due and finals coming up. With any luck I’ll finish all my friends’ gifts by the time we come back to school in February after Winter break/session. Plus, I need to make some gifts for family members. Why did I take up such a time consuming craft?

Secondly, it’s pretty difficult to decide what to make. It can’t take too much time because I’ve got so much other knitting to do and it can’t be too difficult because I don’t want to have to start it over a million times. And I want to give everyone something different that they would each appreciate.

Thirdly, what the heck do I knit for non-significant other male friends? What kind of knitwear says, “I’m glad that we’re friends but it’s not like I slaved over this for you.” It doesn’t help that guys are harder to read than girls. Maybe I’m over thinking this…

I need to figure this out by Wednesday because I want to go buy the supplies over Thanksgiving break. Wish me luck!

Do you like to make all your Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanza/Winter Solstice gifts? Are you having the same problem as me?


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