Knitting Myself Some Duckies

I’m officially obsessed with knitting socks. They are not as complex as I thought and portable, quick, and fun! I’m currently knitting myself a pair of Duckies with the yarn I bought in East Village. I’m loving how this variegated yarn is knitting with this pattern. I can’t wait to show off these socks with a super cute pair of boots I just bought.

Pay no attention to my toes...

Pay no attention to my toes…

Love the pattern!

Love the pattern!

The colors...

The colors…

They're so pretty...

They’re so pretty…

It was also snowing over on the East Coast today! It seems like it’s snowing everywhere. Outside was so pretty but I haven’t gotten a chance to go outside yet. A new pair of socks is just what I need in preparation for more wintry weather.


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