A Little Treat

I think I have finally realized the joy in knitting for myself! Sometimes I’m so wrapped up in knitting things for my family and friends that I forget to treat myself to something nice once in a while. I used to always keep the messed up projects made out of scrap yarn for myself. So, I treated myself to some hand knit socks. The pattern is Duckies by Samantha Hayes.

The one thing I hate about knitting as a hobby is that it can rack up quite a bill if you want to do it right. There’s all kinds of contraptions out there that are necessary finish projects properly, but sock blockers, I have found are not one of them. Rather than buy wooden or plastic sock blocker, make your own out of cardboard, plastic bags, and tape. Another pro: you can customize the size to get a perfect fit without having to buy multiple sizes for the multiple feet you’d knit for. I used the template I found here. The instructions say to use foam sheets, which I would have but that too is kind of expensive and not really in my dorm room. After making my DIY sock blockers I hung them up to dry on a clothes hanger with some scrap yarn and paper clips.

Now I need to find the perfect outfit to show off my socks with :)

And here’s a little question: What kind of knitter are you? Do you tend to knit for yourself, other people, pets, trees?


2 thoughts on “A Little Treat

  1. I have never thought of making my own sock blocker. I have yet to make my first pair but I am looking at patterns and supplies. I will make one of these blockers instead of buying one.

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