Variegated Fair Isle Hat Inspiration

A few days ago I posted about deconstructing my Dream Shrug because I didn’t really where it and had an idea for a new project for it. And, I think it’s about time for me to tackle a new knitting technique: Fair Isle Knitting. I think an intricately knit fair isle hat with my Noro yarn would look pretty cool, so I’ve been gathering some inspiration before choosing a pattern.

#1 Floppy Fair Isle Hat – Very Bohemian, very trendy. I’m really leaning towards a floppy beret style hat.

#2 Faux Fair Isle Hat – This beanie has a very intricate looking design that is heightened by a variegated yarn.

#3 Taos Slouch Hat – This is technically not Fair Isle or any kind of stranded knitting, but I think the color work would still look pretty cool.

#4 Fairly Fair Isle Hat – Although the picture shows just two colors I think this pattern would be lovely in a variegated color way.

#5 Blumme Beanie – Knitted with not just one, but two variegated yarns adds excitement to this pattern.

#6 Three Tams – I love the simple white yarn as the main color with the variegated yarn being an accent.

#7 Fair Isle Hat #6209 – I’m in love with the rainbow variegated yarn in this picture. Again, white main color and variegated contrasting color: thumbs up. Plus a pompom!

#8 Little Fair Isle Hat – This is a baby hat pattern, but I’m a sucker for anything from Purl Soho. I love how the pattern looks like little leaves or trees.

#9 Fair Isle Ice Cap – Another one in two colors that would be amazing in variegated yarns.

I’m completely in love with the white-based hats, but for my personal project I think I’d end up using either a beige or brown as my main color since I don’t have any white yarn on hand and it’d fit with my Noro colors. I also really like the minimalistic, simple designs. I feel like they’d really do the best job of emphasizing the variegated yarn without looking like a hot mess of colors. What do you think? And do you know of any other patterns that I should know about?


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