My Week in Photos: 365 Photo Challenge Week 2 (1/7/2013 – 1/13/2012)

This is proving to be more difficult than the first week. I found myself running out of time and frantically searching for an interesting shot in the late hours of the night (which sometimes technically counted for the next day.) And I’ll admit that I cheated. I used two photos from Saturday because I took a few good ones and didn’t get a chance to take any today. I got to show off the socks that I knot for myself. “Be Strong” was a cool tag I found attached to a bush near campus. Whenever I have to walk somewhere I’m now observant for any potential photos and it really helps me focus on my surroundings and admire the beauty of life.

I have 2 exams this week, eek! Wish me luck! I hope they aren’t too hard, but for now I’ll get back to watching Once Upon a Time.


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