iPhone “Sweater” Case

I was looking around Etsy for a new iPhone case and I came across very cool and innovative designs.

by ArtizanWork (Etsy)

This case is hard and durable and it’s knitted by a robot using 3D printing to make it look like actual knitting.

The funny thing is, for a while I’ve had the idea to knit a similar kind of case (not a cozy/sock like most other knit cases) with a pocket for my student ID for when I didn’t want to lug around my clutch or a purse. The only problem I could not get around was finding a way for the case to stay on the iPhone without obstructing the screen, side buttons, or camera (much like the cases above do). The closest I came to was coming up with a design that would have a hole for the camera and light that would have to be sewed or glued onto another plastic case. Basically it would look exactly like the second design pictured above but it would actually knit from a fiber!

And here I thought I was being clever, but someone already beat me to it! Maybe if I actually find a way to attach it to my phone I could make the next big thing.


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