I’m really bad at this.

I had all these resolutions. And I’ve failed. I’m a horrible blogger, really. And I’m surprised people still visit my blog on occasion. I see you in my stats, there.

It’s just been a craaaazy semester and being a full time student is not helping out. I only just started knitting again a few days ago and I haven’t really been crafty for a good 4 weeks. But, it’s spring break! Time to relax! I’m doing a little light knitting and making an octopus amigurumi. I figure I need something low commitment for the time being.

Especially because upon my return to school, I’ll be having interviews for two different on-campus jobs that I applied for a few weeks ago. I have my fingers crossed for an offer for at least one of them because I am in dire need of my own money. If I do get them, I’ll be working for the rest of the semester on top of the bajillion other things I do at school.

I guess now is a good time to tell the Internet that I’ll be doing an unpaid internship abroad in Hong Kong this summer! This is part of the reason why I need a paying job. I don’t want to be too much of a burden on my parents who have so graciously paid for all these opportunities that I have to further my education. Another reason is that most of my friends have jobs now too. I feel a little lazy compared to them haha!

With that being said, I’ll probably be posting mostly short personal updates here and there until I find a big project to share. And I’m am most definitely looking forward to creating a new blog to share my experience this summer abroad.


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