Girl Model

I love clothes. I love expressing myself with my unique sense of fashion. And sometimes, I think it’d be kind of cool to be a model. If only the industry wasn’t so corrupt, soul-draining, and damaging to our perception of beauty and self-worth.

Check out this PBS documentary called Girl Model. It follows a 13-year old Siberian girl as she tries to find success as a model in Japan in order to support her struggling family back home and an ex-model-now-scout who has a pretty jaded view on the industry but knows nothing more than modeling.

Watch it on PBS

For me, beauty is so much more than a pretty face and that “perfect” body. And it’s just heartbreaking to see that these girls really don’t care for the fashion part of the industry. It’s just an escape and relatively simple way (compared to investing in higher education or hard manual labor) to make ends meet at home. I don’t know what to think anymore. What am I really buying into when I see fashion that I like? Am I supporting something that ultimately hurts humanity? What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Girl Model

  1. This is like, what the third? Fourth post I’ve commented on? And I must say you ask the big questions. Questions like, “How does one achieve true happiness?”, “Is money and power worth spending your life trying to get? and “Where is Waldo?” Must say I am impressed.
    I also agree with you that beauty is more than the looks. For me, beauty is also directly connected to one’s understanding of the world, intelligence (stuff like street smarts and being a good conversationalist count too), spirituality (ranging from religion to how kind of a person they are) and how positive they are as a person. No one wants to hang out with a pessimist (except, other pessimists). In a nutshell, beauty (at least for me) can be summed up with the definition: everything one has to offer the world. That is true beauty.

  2. Going to watch that documentary, by the way. And also, quick question: when I click on the top button called “STUDY ABROAD BLOG” it takes me to the WordPress homepage. Yeah, there was no question in there.

    • Thanks for that! If I have time, I might write about another documentary I watched this weekend called Somewhere Between which is about the lives of 4 girls who are adopted from China. I really like documentaries.

      • I like documentaries too. AAAHHHH!!! YOU WANT A DOCUMENTARY THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND?!?! I GOT ONE!! OOHHHH!! MAAANNN!!! Watched this three days ago! OK, are you ready? The Imposter. In 1994, a thirteen year old boy goes missing in Texas. He is found three years later………………. in Spain. I use Rotten Tomatoes A LOT and I found this one using it.
        And then if you want a really insightful documentary watch Waiting for “Superman”. Not intense, like The Imposter, but still really good.

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