Charlie the Octopus and Oh yeah, I started another blog? + Random Thoughts



Yes, I made a knitted octopus Charlie Chaplin. I didn’t really plan for him to turn out this way but he ended up looking strangely similar to the silent film star.

So what’s on the needles currently? Nothing. There is just too much going on in my life to knit anything with a big commitment. However, it does seem like I have a commission for one of my bow ties coming up from my new boss/supervisor. Yup, I have a job now, too.

And as I mentioned in a post before, I’ll be studying abroad and working in an internship there at the same time. I made a new blog for my adventures in Asia so check it out! I’ll be posting there sometimes and here sometimes depending on the subject. When I go searching for a yarn store in Hong Kong I’ll definitely be at least linking the blogs to each other.

I am just so ready for this semester to end already. Next week I register for fall classes! Holy poop, my college career is nearly half over. They weren’t lying when they say time flies fast. That reminds me. Today I found out that this last post I wrote to any rising college freshmen and college students in general was not completely unfounded in my unconventional thinking. I went to a networking/panel event today called “Empowering the Next Generation of Business Women” and all the wonderful ladies there said almost the exact same things that I wrote about. Women like them are definitely my role models in life. One day I hope to find success and happiness like them.

But back to reality. I’m trying this thing when I live in the present. My uncle gave me this book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and I’m trying my best to take his advice. Focusing on the Now is more difficult than you think. So, now, at this very moment I think I’m going to go to bed early (haha 11pm is early for a college student!) because I have a headache and an exam tomorrow that I don’t want to study for any more. There’s no use in studying if I won’t be putting my full effort into it so I might as well do something good for my health.

I hope to get back to blogging more so look forward to more updates like this.


11 thoughts on “Charlie the Octopus and Oh yeah, I started another blog? + Random Thoughts

  1. Did you just say, “holy poop”? Wait, nevermind that. You know you had good advice when big, bad corporate business ladies are giving the same advice! Also, I was on your Storenvy, and at first I was all, “knitted things, that’s so weird.” And then I saw that calculator case and I was all, “OMIGOSH!! I HAVE A GRAPHING CALCULATOR!! THIS WOULD LOOK SO COOL!!!” Almost got me there, you marketing enchantress. (that’s a good thing)

    • Haha, I don’t know why but your comment is hysterical! I’m a little confused by your opinions on basically everything I write but I think they are compliments? How did you happen upon my blog?

  2. They are compliments! I tend to be a positive guy!! My name is Straw Hat Luffy. I am the main character on the popular Japanese anime/manga One Piece. I found your blog on the blog of comicsmaniac (also known as comixmaniac, Vy, comic girl, and fellow One Piece lover). Often, commenters will leave a website of theirs linked to their name (except me, I’m too mysterious for that). Sometimes I click on the website of said commenters to see what intellectual inquiries they may offer. This would accurately describe how I arrived at your website from comicsmaniac’s post about Weight Watchers. Also, you’re a college student, and I’m a college student, so I can relate to lots of stuff you are talking about. Stay awesome Vy– I mean Vi.


    Straw Hat Luffy

    P.S. Oh, almost forgot. Challenging question of the day: If money and unsupportive people were not factors, what job would you choose over anything else in the world? Said another way: if you could, what would you do for the rest of your life? Too crazy a question? Then answer this: what is your favorite TV show and movie OF ALL TIME?!?

    • Ohhhh, I love her blog! We have the same name (but spelled differently)! I can’t remember how I found her blog but it was probably something I found when searching study abroad blogs.

      And I read the first volume of One Piece. Can’t say I found it interesting enough to continue, but we all have our preferences.

      Hmm that is a challenging question. I’m not sure if you’ve perused any of my other posts but growing up, I’ve wanted to do a little bit of everything, so to say I have to pick one… that’s tough. Right now, I’m set on starting up my own non-profit to help out fellow women and minority entrepreneurs. I’ve never wanted a lot of money. I just want to help people out so that everyone can do what they want in life free of constraints. Actually I’m going to cheat and give two answers. I would love to be able to support myself by just being a lifestyle/craft/diy blogger. Check out She is my absolute role model.

      And if I had to pick one TV show, Sailor Moon. Lol I don’t watch much TV nowadays but I’m trying to rewatch the entire series in preparation for the 2013 Summer remake (which is premiering when exactly??). And one favorite movie… probably something Disney like The Lion Kong. It may seem like I’m in a hurry to grow up sometimes but I’m really a child at heart.

  3. Woah, Mr. Kate is like a real business (some of her food ideas, even the vegan ones, looked absolutely delicious!). With like, prices and pictures of items and– wait a second… that’s what most businesses– ANYWAY! I will definitely have to “peruse”? What?! Now you’re not even speaking English. You need to listen to some rap music and learn how to talk. No rapper would EVER use the word “peruse” Far too sophisticated. But, as I was saying, I will totally “check out” your other posts about growing up.
    Starting your own non-profit organization to help out fellow women and minority entrepreneurs. Your words, not mine. But, I don’t care how you put it, that sounds a lot like helping others. A little too much, maybe? I mean I’m fine if you want to donate a shoe to Goodwill or give a few expired canned goods to your local food bank, but going completely out of your way like that. In fact, it seems that you are so far gone that you would need to do some serious penny-pinching and dream-crushing to get back to being a normal American.
    NOT WANTING TO BE RICH?!? HELPING OTHERS?!! Stop. Just stop………..(overly long sigh)…………… I guess being a blogger isn’t so bad, even if it is about….UUGGHHH!! (gagging noise)…… lifestyles, crafts and DIY stuff.
    Sailor Moon? Actually, that is one show I was thinking about watching this summer. Why do you like it so much?
    The Lion King is SUCH A GOOD MOVIE! Have you seen the Toy Story trilogy and Up and Finding Nemo and OMIGOSH DISNEY HAS SO MANY!! I am such a child at heart. I like thinking like a child and being crazy creative! See, we CAN agree on things. It’s just your weird attitude about– UUGGHHH (more gagging) — helping others that we disagree on. (Seriously, though, I think that you wanting to be a helper like that is uber-great (don’t use that word). But, seriously, your plans on helping as many people as you can, like with non-profit organs (organizations) is something that an unfortunate few people truly desire to do. I hope you can find great happiness in such an area.)


    Straw Hat Luffy

    P.S. While One Piece does start slower than many mangas/animes, it gets to be so cool it is unbelievable. Since you like Sailor Moon, and I have a basic knowledge of that manga/anime, I would have to recommend One Piece to you. If you really wanted more action, then you could start in the middle of a more….. “productive” part of the series, like the CP9/Water 7 arc or The New World arc, which is the current arc of the series. On another note, it is really quite good to hear that you do not watch a lot of TV. Leaves time for more productive options. And as always (I’ve only commented on two other posts). Stay awesome, Vy– VI!! DANG IT! :)

    • I can’t tell if you’re being a troll or not… but I’m going to keep responding because I don’t feel like doing my homework.

      I never said I was your average, materialistic, self-absorbed American. I actually pride myself in being the complete opposite. What is so “unfortunate” about wanting to help people anyways?

      I do donate to Goodwill. A lot. And I shop from there too. One of my favorite things to do. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Did you celebrate Earth Day?

      Sailor Moon is THE show of my childhood. And the best part is when you watch it as an older person, you see so much more meaning in everything. Naoko Takeuchi (the creator of the original manga) was such a feminist, ugh I just love her. She put all these awesome messages in the story.

      Duh, I’ve seen those Disney movies. There’s only a few obscure Disney movies that I haven’t seen.

      I would read more manga and watch more anime if I only had time in the day. College is rough, man.

  4. Oh, uhhh. How is it that you want to help women and minority entrepreneurs? Like, what are you planning on doing to help them? Totally almost forgot that.

  5. Oh, I still forgot more! You said what you wanted to do. So: I want to be an actuary, and slowly move from actuary to comic book creator. I LOVE COMIC BOOKS!! Vy is actually the one who lead me to comics! (the world cheers and thanks Vy) She recommend a few comic books (something I had NEVER read just one and a third years ago and I absolutely loved them. So, now, that’s my career plan. But, first actuary. I also like math.

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