Granny Square Obsession

Last week at knitting and crochet club I decided to learn how to crochet since I didn’t have any knitting projects in the works. And then, I found out that the airline I’m taking to Hong Kong prohibits knitting needles. So, what am I going to do on a 25 hour flight if I can’t knit? Needless to say that I don’t want to be detained in Russia for having knitting needles on my person causing me to ruin my entire summer or worse, have to throw out a project and bamboo knitting needles, I’m going master the art of crochet and hope that that won’t get me into any trouble.

I discovered the Granny Square. It might be my new obsession.

IMG_1744I learned with this WikiHow article.

Crafting with one stick in my hand is definitely something I’m going to have to get used to, but I’m pretty addicted to making Granny Squares so I don’t think it will take me long to accustom myself to this.

I love how crochet is so much faster than knitting, even at my beginner level! I might take on a blanket project that I’ve always been reluctant to start with knitting. A Granny Square blanket for my apartment next year? Sounds awesome to me! And I also love that a crochet finishing can really step a knitting project up. I can’t wait to combine these two crafts.

Does anyone have tips for a crochet beginner or know any easy first projects?

P.S. WordPress is telling me it’s my blogging anniversary! I’ve been doing this for one year already? I’m just disappointed in myself that I don’t post often enough, but I’m trying harder recently. In the next year, I hope to really share more good content.


2 thoughts on “Granny Square Obsession

  1. 25-hour fight. Hhmmm… Yeah, I’d go crazy. Like Hannibal Lecter crazy. Luckily you can do that too, since you have a that needle– OR umm… Sorry, “crochet hook.” But, then you really would be detained in Russia, so, yeah…
    Glad you found that WikiHow article. Those things are so great. Happy Anniversary. And, don’t worry. You’re doing fine with your blog. You know, if I ever get into knitting (That would be weird), I would have you to thank for inspiring me. But, that would be later in my life. Oh, any music artists, uncommon music genres, songs, etc. you would like to grace me with that you like?

    • I’m glad you like reading my random string of words aka blog posts :P

      As for music, I like all kinds of stuff. My favorite singer-songwriters are Kyle Patrick, Jesse Ruben, and AJ Rafael (he just released a new EP called Beautiful Escape). I also like Kpop (my guilty pleasure). I just like good pop music. I’m not really one of those snobby indie music hipsters. Just give me something with a catchy tune.

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