My Hong Kong Wardrobe

I’ve posted a bit on my study abroad blog on packing and personal style. My attempt at a capsule/minimalist wardrobe.

Hello, I'm in Hong Kong

For those of you who personally know me and my style, you know that I can get a little ‘out-there’ with my fashion choices. I love shopping vintage and trying my hand at DIY fashion, thus I have a lot of pieces of clothing that don’t always incorporate well with the rest of my clothes. I had to be very careful when packing since a) I am allowed one checked pice of luggage and b) I plan on doing a quite a bit of shopping while I’m in Hong Kong. To add to the challenge, I’m going to be working in a corporate environment so I have to pack ‘grown up’ business casual/professional clothes. I’ve been reading up on creating a minimalist capsule wardrobe by into-mind and here’s my best shot.

Work Clothes


Work Shoes


If I counted correctly that’s 8 tops, 4 bottoms, 4 dresses, 4 top layers, and…

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Halfway There

Today I had my last classes of Sophomore year. It is completely mind-blowing how fast college goes. It’s so cliche, but people don’t lie when they tell you to enjoy every minute of it. I’ve been having a rough last few weeks and I keep saying that I can’t wait until the semester is over because of how horrible and stressful things can get, but looking back, it’s been a great year!

Last August I made myself an Sophomore year a to-do list. Let’s see how well I did.

  1. Step out of my comfort zone. This goal has been fulfilled in so many ways. I’ve done a lot of networking this year, especially this past semester. I attended ECAASU, went to several career fairs, joined clubs with many networking opportunities, and just made a lot of new friends this semester within my major and minors. Socially, I have definitely worked hard at stepping out of my comfort zone. And guess what? It gets a little uncomfortable. Now that I’m not afraid to attend networking events, I need to work on going up to people and talking to them. I talked to a woman who did a talk here at UD and I found out that she can connect me with an organization that does exactly what I want to do. The little things add up. I’ve also academically stepped out my my comfort zone, taking courses in disciplines that I have never taken before, and doing well in them. It’s eye-opening how much you can do once you put yourself in a position to do these previously unimaginable things.
  2. Get out there. Definitely. Shall I list all the officer positions I now hold? I’m on the executive board of a total of 4 clubs, including business and culture clubs. I’m on the flute staff for the next marching band season as well. I just need to flesh out my reach to service and community service. It’s really odd that I don’t regularly volunteer while wanting to work in the non-profit sector.
  3. Stay healthy. I’m not really sure how this one went. My diet has not had a spectacular track record this semester, however I have started weight lifting in the gym twice a week. (I skipped today because I had to study for an exam…) Let me just tell you that there is nothing more intimidating than huge muscular guys lifting 200 pounds to a petite Asian girl in the weight room. But I’m determined. I will become not only mentally strong, but physically.
  4. Work hard, party… a little. To keep it short and simple, yes, this goal can be checked off. ;) Don’t worry, I didn’t go too crazy. But to be honest, I prefer the quiet lifestyle.
  5. Be efficient. My no all-nighter record is still going strong. So time-wise, I guess so. I really tried to clean out my wardrobe and utterly failed. I like my thrifty finds too much.
  6. Dress for success. This one gets problematic on those bad days. I think I’m getting closer to finding my “personal style” though. It’s a hectic, schizophrenic journey but Im getting there. I also recently bought a lot of new business casual-type clothes for my internship this summer. I’m hoping to integrate some of those pieces into my everyday wear.
  7. Maintain my Etsy shop. This one’s gonna have to be a no. I think I’m finally giving up on Etsy. Commission from friends and family are always welcome, though. As much as I love knitting, when something becomes your “job” you tend to like it less. It’s proven by management theories that I learned in class as well. Right now, I want to focus on finding that dream job that I’m imagining and working towards it.
  8. Get paid. You are looking at UD’s Lerner College Career Services new Student Assistant. In time I will soon be a resume master. I mean, I’m pretty close. Just look at this bangin’ resume. I am so glad that I can count on having this position until I graduate, as long as I don’t screw anything up. It’s part-time and it’s almost minimum wage but it’s money.
  9. Study abroad. This can officially be checked off May 31st once I land in Hong Kong! Check out my study abroad blog for more on it.


I completed almost everything on my list. And I’m alive and have a GPA I’m proud of. And I have a nice start for new goals for the next year.

This school year has been so enlightening for me. I think I am finally figuring out what I want to do after college. I am finding causes and careers that I am passionate about. I am learning things about myself, what I’m good at and what I need to work on. I’m going to do my best to make the most of these last two years!