My Hong Kong Wardrobe

I’ve posted a bit on my study abroad blog on packing and personal style. My attempt at a capsule/minimalist wardrobe.

Hello, I'm in Hong Kong

For those of you who personally know me and my style, you know that I can get a little ‘out-there’ with my fashion choices. I love shopping vintage and trying my hand at DIY fashion, thus I have a lot of pieces of clothing that don’t always incorporate well with the rest of my clothes. I had to be very careful when packing since a) I am allowed one checked pice of luggage and b) I plan on doing a quite a bit of shopping while I’m in Hong Kong. To add to the challenge, I’m going to be working in a corporate environment so I have to pack ‘grown up’ business casual/professional clothes. I’ve been reading up on creating a minimalist capsule wardrobe by into-mind and here’s my best shot.

Work Clothes


Work Shoes


If I counted correctly that’s 8 tops, 4 bottoms, 4 dresses, 4 top layers, and…

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