Hong Kong Yarn Hunt!

Hello from the other side of the world! If you’ve been paying attention to my posts or been following along on my study abroad blog, you’ll know that I’m currently in Hong Kong interning with GE Healthcare. Of course I had to check out what this Asian city has to offer yarn-wise. What else would a knit-addict do?

I compiled a list from this post, which has been conveniently made into this map which I found on this Hong Kong Ravelry group.

I’ve been meaning to take a weekend and just hit up all the stores in one day, but that would take the entire day traveling up to Tsuen Wan and then down to Causeway Bay so I have ended up just making stops here and there on my way to and from other places like work.

I work in Mongkok, and there’s three yarn stores around the area: Double Knit Yarn & Co. and Filo Kilo to the north, by Prince Edward station and Knitting World to the south one stop down by Yau Ma Tei.

One day after work a few weeks ago I tried to find Double Knit Yarn & Co. without success. It’s located on Fa Yuen St. which is also where the Fa Yuen Markets are. I ended up getting immersed into the market and couldn’t find the store front. I did, however, found two street vendors selling identical yarn for super cheap. I was in yarn withdrawal so I had to buy some. I got two bags of yarn and a pair of circular needles for HK$70, which is about US$9 – super cheap. I can’t read the Chinese on the labels but I think it’s a wool blend.

I went back with another girl from my trip to go to the markets once again last Sunday and finally found it. However, it’s closed on Sundays. Located on up some sketchy stairs, is Double Knit Yarn & Co. What’s inside? I wouldn’t know. I went back after work today but they didn’t seem open even though the hours on their sign said they would be.

Now, when I double check their website, it seems they close at 7:30 not 8 like the sign says so maybe I should go a bit earlier next time.

Before going back to Double Knit, I found Filo Kilo on Sai Yee St. I was not expecting such a great selection! I wasn’t really planning on buying anything until I checked out all the yarn stores in Hong Kong but the saleswoman kept following me and I felt awkward coming in to take pictures without buying anything so I ended up buying a two balls of some really soft Japanese wool for HK$176 ~ US$22. It was 10% off, how could I resist?! I think I’m starting to become a yarn snob haha. I’m getting spoiled by specialty yarn shops and won’t be going back to Michael’s anymore.

This is what I bought so far. I swear I’ll be coming back to the States with a suitcase full of yarn haha!

I’ve started a simple brioche infinity scarf with the cheap wool blend in yellow because I need something to do in my hotel room while I watch the Chinese news. Hopefully I can see some of the other yarn shops in Hong Kong before I leave. If anything, Knitting World after work one day and the places in Causeway Bay on the weekend because a trip to that shopping hub is much needed anyways.

I’ll be sure to update y GirlMeetsYarn followers with anymore yarn store visits and please check out http://www.helloiminhongkong.wordpress.com!


A Quick Question.

Firstly, head on over to http://www.helloiminhongkong.wordpress.com to see what I’ve been up to.

Today after work, I decided to find some of those Hong Kong yarn stores on my to do list. I didn’t find them. But I did find street market vendors on Fa Yuen St. selling yarn and needles for uber cheap. I’m talking 12 100g balls and a pair of needles for about US$8.

Should I even bother trying to find these nicer places? I’ll just be tempted to spend my non-existent salary. Yeah, I’m working an awesome, yet unpaid internship in one of the most expensive cities in the world. But the yarn porn. I think I answered my own question.

I’ll be writing a real post on my yarn findings soon. I’ve got quite a queue back at my study abroad blog.