Travel Preparations of a Knitter

This comic featured on Lion Brand’s Facebook appeared on my newsfeed today. Why is it so true?

“Look for yarn shops at travel location”

“Create yarn shop route”

I didn’t bring a project with me because I figured I wouldn’t have time, which is partially true, but I did end up buying notions to start a project hehe.

And a third post about Hong Kong yarn shops is long overdue but I’m going to try to hit up the last few before I leave this crazy city next Friday. Eep! Only one week left here!?!?


7 thoughts on “Travel Preparations of a Knitter

    • Thanks! Your comment reminds me that I need to write those last few posts but I’ve been swamped with catching up on everything that’s happening back in America and moving into my new apartment. I’ll get to them soon enough, before November, I promise xD

      • I’m hoping so too. Just bought my last batch of things to move in.

        Where will you be in Hong Kong? I’ve been up and down the island and can tell you if there are any yarn hot spots nearby. In any case, it’s quite easy to travel in HK so you can get pretty much anywhere by train.

      • I will be staying at TST, so anywhere near or walking distance from the MTRs are great! Can’t go to too many because BF will get bored. :D What brand of yarns would you recommend? I’m into baby booties (just crocheted my first pair ever!) and a vest for my toy piggy. I’m using Sirdar which I quite like. I like those soft material which doesn’t fuzzy too easily (I unpick quite a bit). Thanks!

      • There’s one store in TST that I know of and plenty of places just a few MTR stops away! Do you read Japanese patterns by any chance? I’m not too familiar with crochet techniques but that’s all they do over there haha. As for brands, I’m not picky. I like to browse and there’s so many that I haven’t heard of. The one brand I was looking for was Noro Silk Garden which I couldn’t find anywhere…

      • Nope. I’m a total noob at crochet really, only remember making a doilie when i was in primary school. Everything I learnt recently from youtube and the internet. I can’t even figure out my hook number (e.g. my hook’s packaging says 4.00mm = 7, but online conversions say 4.00mm = USA 6 or UK 8). So I just use whichever hook gives me a nice outcome. Are yarns expensive in HK? Those I bought cost about 30HKD each (50 grams, Nylon/Acrylic). I don’t mind exploring new places.. HK’s really easy to move about, especially so with Google Maps. Could you recommend maybe your favorite 3 shops please? Thanks! :)

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