Do you ever just?

Do you ever just get so obsessed with a math problem that you spend every spare minute you have all day trying to figure it out?

No? It’s just me?

In retrospect, it probably wasn’t the best use of the past 4 hours in which I could have spent getting a head start on my reading for this weekend and next week (aka birthday hell week). But I just can’t help it. When nature tempts me with a complicated math problem, I will stare it down until I can solve it. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing. On one hand, I have perseverance and dedication. On the other, I have no tolerance for giving up even when it means I could be doing something more productive.

It’s just that the math class I’m in this semester is the toughest I’ve ever taken. The material is complicated, there’s calculus involved, and the professor is not the best teacher. And I’m not sure that I want to continue my math minor anymore, but I only have to take this class and one more next semester to complete it, so I’m sticking it out. While I wouldn’t become overly distressed if I got a *gasp* C in this course, I’d like to give it my best shot, even if it requires working on my homework more than a week before it’s due and spending hours on one problem.

Or maybe it was the fact that I was feeling like blech today and somehow that tiny epiphany I feel when figuring out a math problem made me feel a little bit better about myself? Like I accomplished something after skipping the gym, sitting through my least favorite class (this math class), and having a slow day at work. Maybe.

But in other news, I finished knitting a hat for my friend Carol, who was able to locate the four yarn bombs I placed on campus last Spring.


I saw Ed Sheeran play at UD the other night. And now I’m in concert withdrawal, so Kyle Patrick or Jesse Ruben come to the tri-state area please because I need to see you again! Ed was amazing. I had doubts about his stage presence but he really knew how to control the crowd.


And tomorrow (well, today at this point) I’m meeting my mentor! Whoo – excitement!


Hong Kong Yarn Hunt, Part Quatre – The Forgotten and GUIDE

I finally got around to compiling the list of yarn stores I went to in Hong Kong. When I was going through my list, I realized that I forgot to write about two of them! What a shame because they had some of the best selections and helpful staff. Here we go, The Forgotten:

GB Woollen is located in City Plaza Two in Tai Koo Shing. City Plaza is one of the biggest malls in Hong Kong. I went there to see the LEGO exhibit and decided to stop in.



Paris Cotton Singlets is located in Causeway Bay. Their staff knew English and were very helpful! This self-striping acrylic wasn’t too expensive so I impulsively bought it.


IMG_2120But with no further ado I present to you my Hong Kong Yarn Shop Guide. Check it out please!

New Direction

As regular readers may have noticed, I’ve been posting less and less about knitting and more and more about my personal life and thoughts.

I debated over starting yet another blog where I would publish my more personal posts but I decided that instead of doing that I would just change the focus of this blog. Part of the business student inside of me says this is bad marketing by not catering to my target audience, but in the end, this is my blog. Girl Meets Yarn is my story and adventure into the world of e-commerce, tech, and entrepreneurship and although I have decided to stop working on and developing my Etsy and Storenvy brands, I haven’t stopped being Girl Meets Yarn.

Girl Meets Yarn has taken on a whole new meaning to me. At first, it was an outlet for me to be outspoken about something I loved. Through trying new knitting techniques and even trying new crafting methods I began to experiment with my personal development. It led me to sneak out in the night to yarn bomb my college campus. It led me to co-found and become the President of our knitting and crochet student organization. I list the URL of this blog on my resume and list owning my Etsy shop as work experience and it has led me to have great networking and interview experiences. I am able to apply business concepts that I learn in school to how my own entrepreneurial ventures turned out. Somewhere along the way I have found a voice and am not afraid to speak out on other issues I feel are important. And people have told me that my views affected them in some way. It’s all I could wish for, to say something that I feel so alone about and have it resonate with someone else.

So I would like to welcome you to my new About page and invite you along to my new journey.

“Small Town Moon” and Big City Dreams

 I must’ve lived a thousand times
But every day begins the same
‘Cause there’s a small town in my mind
How can I leave without hurting everyone that made me?

Oh, baby, baby, it’s all about the moon
I wish you wouldn’t have broken my camera
‘Cause we’re gonna get real old real soon
Today we’re younger than we ever gonna be

Stop, stop, what’s the hurry?
Come on, baby, don’t you worry, worry
Everybody not so nice, nice

Thought you ought to know by now
I thought you ought to know by now
Everybody not so nice, nice
Everybody not so nice, nice

Ever since I listened to Regina Spektor’s Small Town Moon when it came out last year, I felt an immediate connection to the song, without even realizing how much it would reflect my feelings right now. For me, this song is about growing up in the comfort of your home in a small town and struggling with the difficulties of wanting to stay behind and wanting to take a risk and pursue your passions.

This summer when I went to Hong Kong I listened to this song for comfort. Because of Regina, I knew I was not alone in my feelings that in falling in love with a city halfway across the globe I was abandoning everything that I grew up knowing back in the tiny state of Delaware. It somehow made it okay not to be homesick.

But now I am back in Delaware, and although I do not go to school in the same town where I spent my pre-college days I have difficulty reconciling that if I want to follow my dreams of starting a non-profit that empowers women and minority business owners, especially of Asian descent, I might have to leave the state where the majority of my family lives. These thoughts consume me on a day-to-day basis because 1) I work in career services and am forced to think about job-related things at least twice a week and 2) it’s recruitment season. I scour our Career Services website at least once a day, if not more.

So really it’s a decision between comfort and risk. I can either take the easy way out and slide up the corporate ladder in Operations in a locally-based company, which I wouldn’t have minded doing 8 months ago, or I can take a risk for an unpaid position in a new city in an organization that shares my mission and cause. And these decisions are made in a time-sensitive context. “Today we’re younger than we’re ever gonna be” and if we keep hesitating and putting off big decisions, we might lose our chance. Even if I do end up working in corporate, one day I hope to be able to share the wealth with my fellow females and otherwise marginalized species members.

Today I made a spreadsheet with a bunch of different companies that I would love to work for because of their mission and some that are just great corporate supply chain opportunities. I need to weigh some pros and cons rather than just flip-flop in my mind.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this now. I only thought of writing something about this while sitting in my dreadful math class today.

I’ve started reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandburg and I’m really liking it so far. It’s already shaping my views on go-getting and risk-taking. Apparently, females are more risk-averse and even I can attest to that.  I will probably write a little reaction piece once I’m done.

It’s Friday the 13th. I walked under a ladder this week. Twice. On second thought maybe I should put off that risk taking for a while. ;)