New Direction

As regular readers may have noticed, I’ve been posting less and less about knitting and more and more about my personal life and thoughts.

I debated over starting yet another blog where I would publish my more personal posts but I decided that instead of doing that I would just change the focus of this blog. Part of the business student inside of me says this is bad marketing by not catering to my target audience, but in the end, this is my blog. Girl Meets Yarn is my story and adventure into the world of e-commerce, tech, and entrepreneurship and although I have decided to stop working on and developing my Etsy and Storenvy brands, I haven’t stopped being Girl Meets Yarn.

Girl Meets Yarn has taken on a whole new meaning to me. At first, it was an outlet for me to be outspoken about something I loved. Through trying new knitting techniques and even trying new crafting methods I began to experiment with my personal development. It led me to sneak out in the night to yarn bomb my college campus. It led me to co-found and become the President of our knitting and crochet student organization. I list the URL of this blog on my resume and list owning my Etsy shop as work experience and it has led me to have great networking and interview experiences. I am able to apply business concepts that I learn in school to how my own entrepreneurial ventures turned out. Somewhere along the way I have found a voice and am not afraid to speak out on other issues I feel are important. And people have told me that my views affected them in some way. It’s all I could wish for, to say something that I feel so alone about and have it resonate with someone else.

So I would like to welcome you to my new About page and invite you along to my new journey.


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