First Crochet Blanket!

One by one I am mastering the yarn arts. A couple days ago on a snowy day I finished crocheting my first blanket.

I started this project as an impulse project while I was in Hong Kong this summer as a plane ride project. I (also impulsively) bought this cheap lime-greenish yarn from a street market vendor in Fa Yuen and when I looked back on all my yarn purchases, I really could not remember why I had decided that this color was a great idea. I would never wear it and I had so much that I decided a lap blanket/throw would be a good use of the yarn.


Me in the Moscow airport, crocheting and searching for Edward Snowden ha!

After approximately 10 years of knitting, I think I’m finally getting a little jaded by it so this was my main project for a while. And now it’s finally done! After I finished all my green yarn, it was still a little small so I collected a bunch of old yarn from my stash that I thought would make a good color scheme to make a granny square border.

P1070548 P1070551 P1070553

I didn’t use a pattern because I don’t really know how to read crochet patterns yet but this is how I did it:

I cast on a bunch of stitches and repeated a pattern of 3 rows of single crochet and 1 row of double crochet until I ran out of yarn. It was roughly square shaped. Then I added a granny square border, switching colors for every row.The finishing edge is 3 rows of single crochet. Basically I just improvised.

When newbies came to Knitting and Crochet club and asked me which is easier, I never really had an answer. Now that I’ve had some crochet experience I think crochet is actually easier and more flexible. But I personally like the look of knitting better. Haha I’m just a little biased!

Now that I’m nearly done with the semester I guess I should start thinking about Christmas presents… what are your holiday crafting plans?


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