Sky Scarf Saturday 1/4/2014

Whooooooo! I’m so excited to start this series.

This year I’m attempting to create my own version of the Sky Scarf Project. Every other Saturday, I’ll be posting an update on my scarf and how it’s turning out. It’s the first Saturday of 2014, so here’s my first update.

I’m keeping track of my temperature data in this cute little log book I recycled from my old school stuff.


I literally just got back to my apartment where my neon is located so I haven’t had time to add a bit to the notebook.

I made this contraption to keep my yarns separate and nice yesterday out of a shoebox.


And here’s the three rows I have so far. Since I’m doing high temperatures, I usually can’t knit the row for the day until it gets dark out, so I’ll be knitting today’s row tonight, which I’m predicting will be linen heather because it is freezing in the mid-Atlantic right now.


This 2014 snow storm is sure making for an interesting scarf. Come back in two weeks to see where I stand then!


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