That Entrepreneurial Swag

As regular readers of my blog would be familiar with, one of my life aspirations is to start my own non-profit before I turn 25 (I turn 22 this year). No one needs to tell me twice that that’s a tough road to follow, but with a lot of hard work, dedication, sacrifices, and risks, I think it can be done. And I think I’ve found an outlet to get my idea to more people and people who could invest.

I’m entering UD’s Hen Hatch Start Up Competition! It’s usually entered by people who have an idea for a money-making product or service but I emailed the program director asking if I could enter a non-profit idea so hopefully I’ll find out Monday (today, I guess) if it’s eligible to enter.

Nevertheless, having a short-term goal has really motivated me to actually start writing down my business model and working out the details like what services I want to offer and how I will fundraise. Even if I’m not allowed to enter because I’m not selling a product, I will still have a skeleton for the business plan that I plan to finish by the end of 2014. This weekend I started working on a preliminary business plan and did quite a bit of research in order to sell this idea. The hardest part of starting any sort of business is figuring out your target market and if there is demand for your offer. I think the tough part for me will be to show that certain problems exist in society and that my organization will help solve them.

So at this point I have a week to crank out at least 2 more pages of my business concept to enter. If I make it past the written concept round, I get to present to venture capitalists and possibly get the financing needed to get this project off the ground. What would be stellar is that actually happening and materializing into a legit organization before I graduate next year. That would answer a lot of my questions about the future.

2014 is going to be my year. I have a good feeling about this.


5 thoughts on “That Entrepreneurial Swag

    • Thanks! My proposal is almost done and I’m feeling pretty confident about it. Even if it doesn’t win since it’s a non-profit idea, I’ll be pretty proud of what I’ve done.

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