Spring 2014: The Semester I Might Possibly Drown in Textbooks

As I sit here on my second day of classes during my hour and 15 minute break sandwiched in the middle of four 75 minute lectures let me just reflect on my [bad] academic choices for the semester…

I thought that I was not going to survive last semester with marching band, work, activities, and school, but I somehow made it. With a more than decent GPA.

Except I wasn’t taking more than one reading intensive course. This semester I’m taking two. And a science. And two business classes that will probably require group projects. I don’t know how I’m going to do it.

But material-wise, I think I’m going to thoroughly enjoy them. Well, except my science (Nutrition) because I only need it to fulfill a stupid university requirement. I’m going to be studying operations management, entrepreneurship, global gender politics, and modern Asian history. It’s literally everything I like learning all in one semester. I just hope that all of the work won’t get to me and make me hate these things.

I’m especially excited and/or anxious for my women’s studies and Asian history class. With my dive into activism and social media activism in particular recently, I am constantly vigilant about where I am obtaining information nowadays. As I sit through my women’s studies and Asian studies lectures, I sure as heck will be making sure the voices of POC are adequately represented. Especially because these courses are being taught by white professors. I don’t want to call anything or anyone out this early on the semester on a public Internet space, but something just irks me about white professors who are enraptured and obsessed with the history and culture of an Asian country. I would really prefer learning about Asian history from an Asian professor. These professors better be ready for my wrath. I will take a jab in the grade to make my opinions heard at this point.

[Speaking of activism, I am trying very hard not to say anything ableist anymore. I actually changed the title of this post because I thought it could have been interpreted as so. Made me extremely disappointed to read in my global gender politics book yesterday about something being “schizophrenic” when talking about intersectionality.]

But anyway, on top of all my school stuff, I have my first appointment with my career counselor tomorrow, who is actually one of my bosses. With all these things coming at me, I have no idea what direction makes the most sense to go into first, but as long as I end up where I want, doing what I want to do, I will be happy.

I began this blog worrying about the semester, but writing this down is making me feel a lot more driven and productive. I need to do blogging therapy more often. Because I clearly won’t have time to regularly knit. By the way, I have a feeling that the glove that I knitted will be pair-less for a while.

I hope Spring 2014 is ready because this girl is in her fighter stance.


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