I made my own yarn! Part One: Spinning

I can now cross spin and dye my own yarn off my knitting bucket list (because yes, I have a knitting bucket list.)

I bought a drop spindle and roving when over the weekend and I could not wait to try out spinning my own yarn.


And as predicted, I am completely obsessed and addicted.

I followed these tutorials by Megan LaCore on Youtube. I don’t have a long attention span for tutorials and directions so I didn’t watch all of them very carefully, which I should have. I didn’t realize I needed to draft the roving first, but I figured it out before I got too far along in the process.

I made a video on the attempt, which you can watch here:

Here’s the finished un-dyed yarn!


It came out chunkier than I expected with some sections more worsted weight. I was afraid of breaking the roving when I was drafting, but I think I could have pulled it farther apart to achieve a thinner yarn. Any tips from experienced drop spindle users?

Part two will chronicle my first time dyeing yarn with Koolaid. See you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “I made my own yarn! Part One: Spinning

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