I made my own yarn! Part Two: Koolaid Dye

A couple of days ago I posted about my drop spindle adventure. After spinning my own yarn, the next step in the process was to dye it. I’ve read about Koolaid yarn dyeing for the past couple of years and I never got the chance to try it out. I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to give it a go. Koolaid is a surprisingly great way to add color to wool. It’s safe (although I question what it does to your body if it sticks to wool so easily) and cheap. I was able to dye my hank of yarn multiple colors for under $1.

Here are some great instructions that I used as a guide.

So first I put my hank of yarn in a microwavable dish.

I prepped my Koolaid. I used five colors. Tropical punch flavor is deceiving because I thought it was going to be blue like the package but it was actually red. I was happy with the result nonetheless.

It actually doesn’t matter how much water you use because what will happen is that the fiber will absorb the dye from the mix and leave behind clear water. It’s kind of magical. Water is just used to help evenly distribute the dye.


I washed my wool with water and some dish soap to prep it for the dye.


Then, I poured away. I really had no method to the madness. I used some plastic bags to cover my hands so I wouldn’t get coloring all over them to make sure the yarn was completely soaked through. Yummmm fruity wool soup…


The amount of Koolaid I used to dye this bit of yarn was probably excessive but it really helped bring out the colors. The main difficultly with using that much color was that it took a longer microwave time to let the wool completely absorb the dye.

I covered the dish with plastic wrap and microwaved it in two minute intervals for a total of eight minutes. Once the excess water comes out clear you know it’s ready. Then I let it cool for about four hours before giving it another rinse in warm water. Apparently shocking the wool with different temperatures will cause it to felt.

I left the dish on the stove and my dad thought it was food. Awkward.


I washed it with warm water and dish soap again, and finally I could see the result! Koolaid makes the wool smell soooo good. Not like a wet sheep at all.


Then I took the hank and hung it on a clothes hanger on a tree outside so it could dry since we’ve been having nice weather in Delaware recently.


It took a long time to dry and I was super impatient to see how the dried yarn would look so I tried to keep occupied by instagramming.


The morning after I was able to roll the dry yarn into a ball and admire my first dye job! :)


I really love how it turned out. I’ve already planned on knitting a chunky headband for next winter with this yarn.

I really want to spin and dye my own yarn again soon. This is becoming an addiction.


3 thoughts on “I made my own yarn! Part Two: Koolaid Dye

    • Thanks!

      It’s not too tough to end up with a chunky sort of weight that I made. It definitely takes skill to be able to make a consistent thinner weight yarn. There are some really helpful videos on youtube that I included in my previous post which I linked at the top.

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