First day of internship!

Hello internet!

I come to you from the other side of the semester. Finals are over, I am officially a senior in college, and I had my first day at my DuPont internship. Their social media policy scares me so I’m not going to say anything other than I’m really looking forward to starting my three projects. Everyone, the full time employees and the other interns, are all friendly and fantastic, but I could really do without all these powerpoint presentations on values and ethics.

The projects I’ve been assigned really seem to fit my past experience. I mean, I haven’t started them yet but the descriptions seem to match just right.

This is looking to be a great summer but I need to get my networking game on. I need to get on that networking project my mentor sent me on. I bought a fancy notebook; I think I’m ready.

Anyway, I should have had a Sky Scarf update last Saturday but I was busy moving out of my old apartment. I’ll get back at it this Saturday… unless I am too busy moving into my new apartment…


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