A New Page

It is with great sadness that I am writing this post. In two weeks I will be graduating college and turning a new leaf. While this blog, GirlMeetsYarn, was started in 2012 with the encouragement to “build my own brand” around my creative, crafty pursuits, over time it has become less of a priority. It has grown with me over the years and allowed me to explore my writing capabilities. I have not lost my interest in knitting (or crocheting which I just recently dived into) but I don’t have the time or interest to continue upkeeping this blog. So, with that being said this will be the last post on GirlMeetsYarn. If you would like to continue following my yarn work, I post WIPs and FOs frequently on instagram (@haiitsvi).

Thank you to all my readers! I know there’s a handful of you that interact regularly with my increasingly rare posts. Thanks for reading and craft on!

Vi, GirlMeetsYarn

2 thoughts on “A New Page

    • Aww that means a lot to me that you keep up with my posts :’)
      I have a huge social media presence so check out my contacts page on where else to follow me.

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