Girl Meets Yarn is a collection of one college girl’s thoughts on knitting, all things thrifty, and life in general.

She goes by Vi (yes, just like the letter) and will stop writing in third person now.


I am a twenty-something studying business at the University of Delaware, hoping to make my mark on the world.

Girl Meets Yarn is the story of I came to be an adventurer, leader, and entrepreneur through the quite introverted craft of knitting. This blog started in 2011 as an extension of my Etsy brand, but has gradually evolved to a safe place where I feel like I can publish my thoughts on just about anything that I feel is important and needs to be shared. While knitting and crafting has helped me find passion, over time I have grown to be just as passionate about other ideas, goals, and dreams as well. So, for the time being, if you are looking into buying something from my now defunct Etsy shop, you are out of luck.

I’m not much of a regular blogger, although I try, and if I had to say I probably post about 50/50 ratios of crafting-related and personal thought/development blogs. Even though I’ve changed my focus I hope you stay with me on this journey called life and click that little plus on your menu bar.

Keep calm and dream on!


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